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SwC Poker: #1 Bitcoin Poker Site

SwC Poker is the largest Bitcoin online poker site in the world.

Mining Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining is analogous to the mining of gold, but its digital form. The process involves specialized computers solving algorithmic equations or hash functions. These problems help miners to confirm blocks of transactions held within the network. Bitcoin mining provides a reward for miners by paying out in Bitcoin in turn the miners confirm transactions on the blockchain. Miners introduce new Bitcoin into the network and also secure the system with transaction confirmation.


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Watch the truth of Bitcoin unfold in this 5 years running thread from a historic poker forum. OP dates 4-1-2011.

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Watch the truth of Bitcoin unfold in this 5 years running thread from a historic poker forum. OP dates 4-1-2011.

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Infiniti Poker Set to Go Live in February: Will Use Bitcoins for Americans - - The Unofficial Bitcoin Forum

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Switch Poker Launches Bitcoin-Only Poker Tables - - The Unofficial Bitcoin Forum

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How did people figure out what Bitcoin was in 2009.

I understand that only a few people were interested in Bitcoin in 2009. I am curious on how people even looked up things on the internet, and found out about Bitcoin?
What did people in 2009 search on the internet, to get in contact with Satoshi Nakamoto. What were the initial people that invested in Bitcoin interested in.
How do you think people discovered Bitcoin in 2009, 2010, and 2011. This is a mystery to me, and I would like to know.
Thank you,
lettuce_solve_this 🥬 🥬 🥬
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Ignition Cheaters

Hi, I have been playing Poker for almost 10 years live, at one point it was my job, and I thought trying out an online Poker Site would be great fun. I saw online Ignition uses Bitcoin which I thought was a great idea despite the volatility in the Crypto market.
I thought I would try HU at a low stakes just to dip my toes in the water and get a feel for the website. I was liking the website and was very successful at NL100 playing only four tables. But then I met my rival. This is where in my opinion I felt that cheating was going on. Of course I have no hard evidence but just hear what I have to say. Although my memory isn’t perfect card for card I am being as honest as possible.
I bought into the table at minimum buy in because why not, and saw wow this guy has more than two maximum buy ins. We played and to be honest I forgot exactly how I busted the first time but I busted to him, no biggie, I rebought. I felt this guy really wasn’t that good, he wouldn’t protect blinds and I could seriously bully him around.
Alarms started ringing when I had K 10 and I 3 bet to 5x BB pre flop and he called, the board came K 5 7 (That was the exact board by memory). I raise to half pot and he calls. The turn comes a 2 so I felt that didn’t help him at all. I raise him and this guy shoves. I thought a long time, I have raised him every street and he shoves but I ended up calling. I have top pair and he has ACE HIGH. I thought “You idiot”, then the river comes an ACE. That was when my suspicions started.
I started to notice that he was easy to bully when I had a good hand, as soon as I had a bad hand he raised me back. I was confused, this guy was a clairvoyant, and his play was IMO VERY bad.
My third bust was when I had pocket fives, he shoves all in and I after some time I call. Show our cards and he has pocket twos vs my pocket fives, I thought this was fantastic. The board, I kid you not, comes 2 2 and something. He flopped quads... That was when I drew the line, and I understand it’s HU but who in their right mind shoves with pocket twos pre flop. It was terrible play and before me he was doing this to many other people if he started with two max buy ins. The whole time playing him after the first bust I was just blown away and very suspicious.
I left the table, I googled Ignition cheaters and there have been people on forums complaining about this only for replies “That’s variance” or “He got lucky” without any hand breakdown. And I also did more research and there are ZERO moderators and no way you can report people, and apparently the site is easy to use third party software, for example on phone it uses a website instead of an app, and there is software out there that can change the browser to that a phone uses so you can use the website on your computer without the app running checking background processes. Yo be honest I don’t even know for sure if the app on PC does check BG processes.
What do you guys think? Please comment if you have had been victim of foul or suspicious play on this site. Thanks.
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Just a few observations.

I have known about nofap for many years. But I didn't take it seriously until I felt the need to lose my virginity to an escort about a month ago (20M). At that moment I just realized just how out of touch I was with where my life was at. Not that there is anything wrong with using those services; but that I felt like I had no other option. I guess you could say that it is a catalyst for change.
First observation: "most men lead lives of quiet desperation"
My contract with my company that I worked for just ended at the same time I decided to change my life. The reason why this is important for is I did not feel fulfilled. As I had been working 9-5, going to college at night and studying at weekends for something that did not interest me. Why did I feel the need to do this to myself? let me start of by saying I know that everyone needs money, and most people earn that money from a job. But the fundamental flaw in my way of thinking is that I thought I need to be rich and successful to attract women in my life; Yeah it helps, however if your whole life becomes a grind in a desperate attempt to woo women. You will lose interest in your own passions, a piece of you will die, and the worst part of all as a result of not being true to yourself you may not get the relationship you deserve. Ok fine I am still in the 9-5 lifestyle, the difference now is I use the time I would've been going to college on things that i am passionate about (poker,traveling/out with mates,investing and weightlifting). Which leads my nicely onto my second point.
Second observation: "you're an addict, so be addicted to something else"
A quote taken from the sequel to my favorite. For me this should be slogan for nofap. Although PMO is terrible if abused, I did decided to break my 39 day streak today (twice ahaha oops). I am not overly fussed as I have built up the self discipline to know I could start another streak. My reason for doing so is that I found myself browsing an escort website again. Very very occasionally doing M with out P will be better for you. Touching on the quote, the reason why it is important is that my discipline has come from exploring my passions and filling my time with things I find to be worthwhile. I see this forum as self improvement page just as much a place for people to control their sexual urges. What you will realize when you have given nofap a fair go is there is more to life, also life feels better when you employ discipline. But if you decide to M make sure you're in a mental position whereby you will not spiral, a reboot is advised before.
Third observation: "Anything worth doing is worth doing badly"
This quote is the ultimate motivation, feel the words. Your a novice. You can become a master. If its worth it. Try. When you are starting to change your life, chances are you're not going to have much luck with women. Which is a real shame because the reason why men gravitate to PMO abuse is due to a lack of confidence. You get rejected and that will usually compound the bad feelings about yourself. Change your mind set a rejection is a good thing for me as I get the opportunity to improve and learn, don't you see the beauty in that? you get to be a better you. I appreciate that not everyone is perfect (see above how i broke my streak) but women are emotional creatures and you will need a strong character to attract the right women. Go out speak to women, use a dating app however make sure you use an abundance mindset and don't get bummed out by rejection. I went into a deli where my friend worked as a chef, I was attracted to the woman on the counter I kept trying to strike up a conversation, ignored me three times. To most people that would be damaging but just realize that people like that are not worth your time. Don't get needy.
Fourth observation: WOMEN WANT A MAN:
There is a popular study that reads something along the lines of a women has two kids and every second man has one. Why is that? if you do not have a women's respect she will not be in a relationship with you (well not a women you want anyway). This feeds into nofap as you are taking the first step by reclaiming your testosterone. You could write a whole series off books that wouldn't even scratch the surface of the female nature. But I will take a stab at making some salient points. Confidence, haven't you heard that one before: the only way to get good a talking to women is to talk to women, not fapping, working out and improving people skills with anyone you meet female/male old/young help but practice is key. Confidence 2.0 your are trying to find a compatible mate not just anyone. Tell them about your interests I managed to tell a women about why she should invest in Bitcoin,her eyes lit up seeing my passion for it. Women like a men with options you only get these options by improving yourself to become more compatible with women, given what I have outlined in this post. Don't get to needy it will make a women think that she is the absolute best you can do and women like to date upwards. See women's general need to date an older man. Lastly know your worth, women are emotional creatures. Sometimes they need us to tell it how it is.
Final observation: "Don't pray for an easy life, pray to be stronger men"
If this was easy everyone would be doing it successfully. It isn't. It may break you. You might embarrass your self. You may not be good enough. One thing is for certain you don't want to fall into old habits. So go ahead break yourself, move past that and see a stronger man in the mirror every morning. Embarrass yourself so many times that you are so comfortable in your own skin in any situation. Find out your not good enough, go away analyse come back and grow. One last point to any teens/ young adults reading this please enjoy your youth to the max. You owe it to yourself 60 years from now sat in an old folks home. With nothing but memories. You owe it to your self to meet that woman, you owe it to yourself to go on holiday and have the time of your life, you owe it to yourself to build start building a life that a woman can come into with a good environment to bring kids into. The choice is yours.
Important links:
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Dondice gambling community and a intro to online bitcoin (cryptocurrency) gambling / casino websites

The Dondice Community
There are a lot of gamblers around, actually crypto gambling has become quite large with people gambling from all around the world. The idea of Dondice is to create a free- and open community dedicated to online gambling, to have fun with gamblers all around the world, share some tips and trick and provide you with unbiased reviews about all the gambling websites that are out there!
If you have any kind of question or if you would like to join the community and help out, please visit and join us on Telegram:
Telegram Group (Dondice)
( )

We hope to launch our website asap, which will also include all kinds of tips, information, faq and a forum!
Play smart play like a slug - Dondice!
Online Cryptocurrency based Casino's Ever since the rise of Bitcoin there are quite some different cryptocurrencies available, for example: Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Tezos, Litecoin and many many more.For more informatie about cryptocurrencies itself I would kindly suggest to look on the world-famous search-engine ;)One of the advantages of these digital currencies is that you can easily trade (buy or sell) the coins to your foreign currency f..e (USD). You can store your coins in a personal wallet (tip: buy a hardware wallet like a Ledger) to avoid losing your private- keys or getting hacked.
Gambling with crypto Trading crypto on an exchange is a bit of gambling already, right?Buying and Selling coins with the intention to accumulate even more coins, or Fiat money with the risk of losing your funds if the trade doesn't end up as expected.There are tons of Bitcoin related gambling website's (a bit similar to online- casino's that only accepted fiat currencies back in the days).These site's mostly offer popular games like dice, roulette, blackjack, bust, poker, baccarat, craps and slots. Even live sportsbetting betting with crypto coins are available. (You can find more on that in our WiKi which is currently WiP).
In order to start playing on those websites, you basically only need to visit the website, register a username (or for more security create an account, including a strong password and 2- Factor authentication [2-FA] enabled), select the cryptocurrency of choice and generate the deposit address.
You can now send (deposit) coins from your own personal wallet / or from an exchange to the gamble site! Mostly after 1 confirmation on the blockchain your coin's will be visible and you can immediately start to test your luck!
Some website's offer free "faucet" coins, which are often worth just a few dollar cents. Since faucets have been massively exploited by people and you will see less and less faucets.Instead you often receive a bonus for the amount in Bitcoin you wagered, during your game sessions and/or receive a certain % rakeback. Depending on your rank on the platform, the higher the rake back / bonuses will be. 
About DonDice Dondice occidentalis is a species of sea slug, therefore the perfect nickname for online gambling. One of the most important things in online gambling is "patience & money- management", don't gamble money that you cannot afford to lose!!Only play for fun so you are not to generate some sort of income this will comes with stress and you will get in troubles very soon.Because of my experience as a (crypto) gambler, I've seen a lot of different website's offering cryptocurrency based gambling games. Some of these website's are legitimate companies that do feel legit, the support is great and the gaming experience in itself is mostly excellent.
BUT there are like on any other spot on the internet "scammers" who run these casino's and basically steal your coins or they have a fraudulent algorithm that makes you lose on certain conditions.I had to experience this myself and lost a lot on that particular website, which is still actively being promoted and used by people who have no clue that they are being scammed.
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Official Hideout Q&A

From the official EFT Discord
Questions and Answers about the Hideout! Escapers, @news Over the last weeks, we took questions from the community about the hideout to answer them all at once. You can check out the lastest Q&A about the hideout here :
**Edited to include the Q&A for those who cannot access the forums. Thanks schaeferdb!
Escapers, With the upcoming release of the hideout, we collected some questions to answer them in this post!
Question : When will the hideout come? Answer : In update 0.12
Question : Will we have the ability to add own pictures as posters to the Hideout Answer : Not yet
Question : How exactly will crafting items work? Is it just one click and it's made? Answer : You will need to have some specific items, you will need to click and wait for crafting completion
Question : Security tab? Will hideouts be raidable by other players, AI? Answer : No, hideout will not be raidable.
Question : You will be able to craft (create) ammunition or weapons on the hideout? Answer : Ammunition - yes.
Question : How you can upgrade the hideout? You will need items, missions, etc? Answer : Yes, you will need items, unlocked traders, completed quests and skills. also money.
Question : How deep will be customization of Hideout be for players?(can he position items around, put stuff on table/shelf, guns/armor to showcase) Answer : No personal customization yet. In 0.12 there will be the first iteration of hideout with basic functions.
Question : Will you be able to walk around inside the hideout or is it similar to a menu? Answer : Yes, you will be able to walk in there.
Question : Will you have multiple variants of the hideout at any point? Answer : Probably not.
Question : What Hideout functionality interest you the most Nikita? Answer : The generator and crafting functionality.
Question : Will our character go directly to the Hideout after a raid or will we see the game menu where there will be a new “HIDEOUT” button, which will move us there? Answer : There will be a “hideout” button.
Question : Where is the Hideout located on Tarkov city map? How accessible will it be for the player later in the developmentent (after connecting all maps together) Answer : It's outside of the game world.
Question : Can we build a Chillout-Louge ? Answer : It is called the Rest space.
Question : Will it be possible to invite the Squad into the Hideout ? Answer : Not yet.
Question : We should have to build a PC with all the components from the game. To be able to access the flea market. Make it a task for unlocking the hideout. Answer : No, its not planned. but you will be able to construct Bitcoin farm later in next updates.
Question : Can we use those functional item we loot or buy?Like Zibbo lighters, Cigarettes, 5L propane tanks, Soap ect...? Can we make our own bitcoin farmer? Answer : If you mean to actually light up lighter - no, not yet.
Question : Can we keep pets at hideout?A cat please?(cat customization also please) Answer : Cat customization.. in EFT.
Question : Any activity room in plan? Or some kind of bar? I hope we can have some fun beyond raid. Especially when we're in hideout and healing. Billiard or poker? Answer : Some metagames will come later.
Question : Will the Hideout come out with the post-raid healing? Answer : Yes.
Question : Weapons and collectibles rak or expositor? Answer : Something like this is planned.
Question : Can you explain the music/video system you guys had spoke in the past? Answer : If you mean that you will be able to listen your music via music player. yes its planned. you will be able to put music files in a folder and system will play them
Question : Will shooting range in Hideout have also same “challenges” (you turn switch on and some targets start moving and counting score) or moving target to shoot ? Answer : No, its not planned yet
Question : Off raid healing will always happen? And if yes, it will be added with the hideout or in a future update? Answer : Already answered. It will be added with hideout.
Question : What is the impact of hideout on the game? What the purpose of the upgrades, what can we do inside Hideout, we will have first person inside hideout? Answer : Everything has already been answered earlier.
Question : Will we have missions related to the maintenance and evolution of Hideout (to obtain fuel, for example, for possible generators or to acquire possible resources to improve Hideout ...) ?. Regarding the different packages or versions of the game, will someone with standard edition be able to enhance Hideout to the same level as someone who has an EOD version? Shall we start equally or will people with more expensive versions take advantage of storage space? Answer : It was also answered before.
Question : Will we have more Stash available (more than EOD Stashsize) ? Answer : No.
Question : Hows Hideout going to work in general, like enteexit from hideout, do you press a button to go to hideout or you run to hideout. Answer : Answered.
Shooting range available? Answer : Yes.
Question : Weapon loadout visually displayed? (Weapons stand / showcase / table) Answer : It's possible.
Question : Will it be extended in the future, so regularly new stuff for the Hideout come to it? Answer : Yes.
Question : In the hideout we will be able to paint weapons with aerosol cans or paints, to give the weapon a pattern or in the future free draw? Answer : It's not related to hideout.
Question : In the hideout can we build our own ammunition in the hideout? Answer : Yes.
Question :in the hideout can we see how the mods of weapons are installed into weapons? Answer : It's possible.
Question : In the hideout can we improve skills? Answer : Not yet.
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Play Royal Updates and News

Play Royal Updates and News
With much anticipation PlayRoyal has finally released it referral system. That’s right you can now promote play royal and earn a share of the rewards mined on the platform from your referees. you earn a percentage of house edge wins, trading fees and Poker rake for all the Play Royal clients you refer via your unique link, plus your referrals will also receive a mining bonus for the first week.
Not only does the referrer get a bonus but the referee gets 1% mining bonus on all tokens. In addition, that mining bonus also stacks with mining leader bonuses on the platform which means new players can stack royally while mining. For more incentive Play Royal is also running an referral competition.

Use your unique referral link to invite people to play on Play Royal. As the players play you will earn rewards based on the players wagers as mentioned above. The People with the most cumulative earnings in the top 20 spots will earn rewards as listed below.
Oct 12, 2019 4:00 AM
Nov 1, 2019 4:00 PM
  1. 7,500,000 PLAY and 30,000 TRX
  2. 5,000,000 PLAY and 20,000 TRX
  3. 3,500,000 PLAY and 14,000 TRX
See the full rewards table on site.
SDT is now available as trading pairs and for betting on Play Royal games.
As promised, USDT is now live. Use the USD stable coin in our exchange, or simply play any of the Play Royal created games found on our system using the ERC-20 token. USDT, BTC and PLAY betting on Betsoft games will be coming soon, so stay tuned.
BTC is now enabled on Play Royal in both the exchange and a large portion of our games. Play our provably fair games on Play Royal with PLAY, RWD, TRX, ETH, BTC and USDT

PlayRoyal RoadMap:
⁃ Bitcoin (BTC) Full integration (Games+Exchange) - Done
⁃ Litecoin (LTC) Full integration (Games+Exchange)
⁃ EOS (EOS) Full integration (Games+Exchange)
⁃ Matic (MATIC) Full integration (Games+Exchange)
⁃ Launching an Epic Referral System platform wide - Done
⁃ Daily tasks
⁃ News section - Done
⁃ Integrated forum
⁃ Special VIP features
⁃ Launch Deposit Bonuses - Done
⁃ Notification inbox
⁃ The Return of the New enhanced FOMO3D
⁃ The Return of the New enhanced Multiplayer Dice
⁃ Daily Race Cash prizes to replace mining bonus
⁃ Poker sit'n'go, tournaments and jackpots
⁃ PVP games between players
⁃ Poker optimization for mobile
⁃ List Play Token on Delta & Portfolio
⁃ List Play Royal Exchange on and - Done
⁃ Launching Crash The Moon Multiplayer Game
⁃ Esports
⁃ More Autobet Features on Games
⁃ Changing Maximum bet to Maximum win on Dice
⁃ Launching a Marketing Campaign – In progress and Ongoing
⁃ Adding More languages to the Play Royal Platform - Done
⁃ Onboarding experience for new players with rewards
⁃ Landing pages + more content on each page
DappStats, FIO.Social, Crypto Alliance, BETSOFT, and more to come.

Play Royal is not just about the game but also about the experience. Play Royal has made moves to improve the user interface, reliability, community environment with CEO Tony Discord AMA and much more. If you have not tried out play royal now is the time.
Press Play and come see how it feels to be Royal.
Daily News 25 October 2019
PLAY ROYAL🔹Best Online Crypto Casino & Crypto Exchange Platform 🔹
🚧 Hello PLAYers! BlackJack is currently under maintenance. We thank you for your patience 🙏 🚧
USDT Now On Play Royal 🚀🚀🚀
Hello fellow players! As promised, USDT is now live. Use the USD stable coin in our exchange to beat the market, or simply play any of the Play Royal created games found on our system using the ERC-20 token. USDT, BTC and PLAY betting on Betsoft games will be coming soon, so stay tuned.
We have plenty of exciting updates planned for Q4 of 2019. Stay tuned in the coming week for our first ever exciting holiday event as things at Play Royal get a little spooky.
PLAYROYAL Referral Competition 🎁🎁🎁
Competition Period: Oct 12, 2019 8:00 AM utc - Nov 1, 2019 8 PM utc
⛏ Current Mining Efficiencies:
▪️ Round 33 of 250 (Current Round Progress: 2.748% )
🚀 BTC ➡️ 0.000159 BTC : 1 RWD + 50% RWD 🚀 USDT ➡️ 1.29 USDT : 1 RWD + 50% RWD 🚀 PLAY ➡️ 23,333 PLAY :1 RWD + 30% RWD
🚀 ETH ➡️ 0.0084 ETH : 1 RWD + 25% RWD 🚀 TRX ➡️ 84 TRX : 1 RWD + 25% RWD
Daily Party:
Burn your RWD tokens to get your share of the pool, There is a:
50% bonus for RWD burned for the first 12 hours
25% bonus for the following 8 hours, with the
0% bonus for the Final 4 hours
🔥 First 12 hours ➕ 50% Bonus
🔥 12th - 20th hour ➕ 25% Bonus
🔥 Last 4 hours ➕ 0% Bonus
🔥🔥🔥Weekly RWD Burn🔥🔥🔥
64,821 RWD been burned from playing with RWD -
🔲 Need Help? Join Debug Telegram 👁‍🗨👁‍🗨
🔲 Texas Hold'em Telegram Poker Lounge ♠️
🔲 Official PlayRoyal Announcement Channel
🔲 Wagered RWD Burn Counter - From Playing With RWD
🔲 How to Play the MAX QUEST: Wrath of Ra Slot? 🔲 RoadMap Chart
🔲 Discord AMA With PlayRoyal CEO Tony - PDF Link
❇️❇️ Stay tuned as the exciting announcements at Play Royal don’t slow down. 😉😉
Happy trading and happy gaming! 📝📝
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#BetTronLive will have various social functions that promote user engagement. A #chat system, friend system, chat rooms and #forums with options for connecting, sharing and exchanging information.
Join our community:
Keep updated on announcements:
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BTT Ann:
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Lambodice Game:

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🔥BetTronLive #BOUNTY "1,000,000 RAKE #TOKENS TO GRAB [10M #TRX]🔥

🔥BetTronLive #BOUNTY

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5. A maximum of 5 shares/posts per week will be counted towards rewards.

➢ Follow BetTronLive’s official Reddit:

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1 RAKE token (equivalent to 10 TRX coins) will be rewarded for every share and post in crypto-related forums, subreddits, and sites.
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The Meaning is the Ruse

I just wanted to take the time to extend u/rrockwe1's interpretation of the game, as it was succinct and similar to where I instinctually landed. Actually, this turned into more of a provocation - I'm looking as to whether this is even the right direction rather than if I've stuck all the details. Sloppy, I know.
Conspiracy is the "heart of the MGS" series, but I would add - as it's flavored by the technological mediums we partake in. The games are not traditional games but loosely connected simulations to discover a conspiracy and the power dynamics of those involved at the top of it. Not unlike our own world.
To start, I would highly recommend everyone on this sub to check out Dan Carlin's SuperNova in the East episode 1. The "incidents" he talks about each play out like a Metal Gear game. We can't forget that Kojima, born in 63, is reacting to events that happened in the immediate generation prior, as we all do. Think Marshall McLuhan's idea of the rear-view mirror while listening. For this interpretation, the relevant takeaway from the podcast is that due to the changes in communication technologies from the industrial revolution, the equilibrium for conflict settled into subterfuge. It was when Japan became sloppy with this new normal (like a winning poker player staying at the table for too long) and accidentally ushered this country towards the most important identity-altering period (WW2) since the Meiji Restoration. For Kojima, I'm imagining/empathizing that if you don't understand this phase shift you don't understand your reality, an American reconstructed post-nuclear Mc-Meiji mess.
Now how does this relate to us internetted folk with our new communication mediums? Id love to also introduce this sub to Jordan Greenhall. In the linked post, he goes on to analyze the QAnon phenomenon and is able to abstract some properties that are very reminiscent of what I experienced through NBGO.
Q is the most recent and most important example of a widely distributed self-organizing collective intelligence. We’ve actually seen many precursors. Cicada 3301 is a famous example. Even the I Love Bees ARG for Halo 2. Perhaps Bitcoin is the most important precursor to Q.
These “self-organizing collective intelligences” (SOCI), are a new kind of socio-cultural phenomenon that is beginning to emerge in the niche created by the Internet. They involve attractive generator functions dropped into the hive mind that gather attention, use that attention to build more capacity and then grow into something progressively real and self-sustaining.
The Q SOCI is, for the most part, about sensemaking. It is combing through the billions of threads of “what might be real” and “what might be true” that have been gathered into the Internet and it is slowly trying to weave them into a consistent, coherent and congruent fabric.
I, like u/rrockwe1, think this ruse was designed. Meta-gaming design is not unheard of in videogames before as another favorite game of mine, FEZ, pulled a similar move in a simpler form.
Also a Gamasurtra article on the design style:
"There's a fourth really big influence that I haven't been honest about," Fish continued. "Myst. There's a lot of Myst in Fez, in fact I'd call it a 'Mystroidvania.' It's a huge open nonlinear world, with lots of super obtuse metapuzzles everywhere. The world has its own alphabet and numeric system."
"I don't know if that is still going to fly today, that's a school of design that's really very old school. There's a high barrier of entry for that second part to the game, and I hope there will be things that will take internet forums weeks to decipher. I want people to talk about that weird thing that they don't think they were supposed to find in Fez."

To begin:
Now we all know Kojima has had mixed feelings towards his own series as he's intended every MGS from 2 onward to be the last in the series (most likely returning due to corporate pressure).
This quote from 2014 about MGSV is telling:
"So in a way I guess I'm taking advantage of that to try new things, because every time I work on any game, be it Metal Gear or something else, I try to make new things. So for me, my challenge right now working on Metal Gear is, while preserving the elements that make it Metal Gear, to do all the new things I really want to do."
He's kept things new by innovatively making marketing Metal Gear part of the game experience; bringing an added self-awareness to gaming, fandom, and technology. While the Fez Meta-game was designed to solve newly enabled internet-forum-oriented puzzles, the metal gear Meta-games have been much more difficult to interpret, as they are often part of the artistic statement. However, Kojima has deliberately moved "the game" aspect to encapsulate before, during and now After release*.* Thus as this relates to MGSV, I believe NGBO and similar sensemaking forums will go down as part of "the game" just as much as we can easily state that Metal Gear Marketing before release has been part of each other game in the series. What is MGS2 if you didn't pay attention to the codec briefing marketing of the game.
For me though, MGSV is an artistic attempt whose meta-game is an attempt to implode the series's own need for more Canon while simultaneously commenting brilliantly on the reality around him.

Imploding Canon - Kojima on Fandom
Can the quest for further interpretation fuel and mask different needs (like a need to simulate violence) and can that devolve into self-defeating patterns or as Skullface put it "an endless loop of action and reaction?"
Do we play metal gear to gain an understanding of Kojima's critical worldview (anti-war, anti-nuclear, anti-authority themes) or to get gratifying rushes of pixelated violence that glorify what he condemns?
These questions are what have plagued the metal gear universe, with the "action and reaction" being fan adulation of a new installment in the series -> leading to corporate pressure -> leading to another unplanned sequel with an intended aesthetic to make us realize the absurdity of the universe he's constructed -> only for our interpretations to fall partially flat on release -> leading to fan adulation...
However, this exact dilemma we fans face when playing a metal gear game is nearly identical to those the characters face in MGSV. The need for more canon becomes self-defeating for the likes of Kaz, Venom, and SkullFace trying to enact revenge. Kaz and Venom need the canon to continue so they can manifest new objects for their revenge - which is the intent of the drawn-out nature of the second act. We, as players, seek something as deeply unmet as the characters in MGSV's need for revenge is. This juxtaposition is an attempt at making you self-aware about this - to reflect back the tragically flawed state its characters inhabit on to you and draw the connection to your fandom.
This is a game not lacking in canon but is anti-canon. Canon that consumes the need for further canon.
The only constructive answer he gives is "to exit", which is embodied via Quiet's character. Quiet, written, displayed, and expressed with purposeful alignment to nearly every stereotypical Videogame trope on women, is a prisoner of the medium she's embedded within. She exits her role within the canon when sexually assaulted by a soldier (a proxy for videogamers at large) or to put it another way, when her role was taken to it's extreme (shock therapy). We need to do the same as Metal Gear fans who are cast within the game as Venom.
With his anti-canon deployed, Kojima can now "exit" in peace that the series is put to rest psychically for fans. Instead of clamoring for more.

How "to exit" - or how Kojima prepared me for the 21st century
MGSV's narrative is bare bones on the surface but speaks volumes to hardcore Metal Gear fans.
You, as part of the most knowledgable/obsessive sect of Metal Gear fans, know something is up with this game. Something hasn't sat right in your gut and it continually doesn't sit right. Thus, you naturally sought solace and understanding within a place like NGBO. We came together and exhausted every possible interpretation we could think of as to what this game is. We started doing the homework, building our best ideas and challenged simplistic notions. This collaboration via learning to definitively seek truth as a group is the point of the Ruse Cruise and serves as the antithesis of MGS2's outlook. Now if you are Kojima, what would build this muscle the best within your fans?
  1. Create a conspiracy, reveal its truth, and reward fans for their hardcore vigilance
  2. Fabricate all the necessary parts for the facade of a conspiracy yet deliberately having none to force fans through the emotional ringer of figuring out what is true. A gaslighting job.
For me, I settled on it being the latter which truly pushed me as to what was healthy, valid, and useful to believe in. The meaning and wisdom from this game was transmitted/felt for me once I "exited" and realized the insanity I let myself believe. In this interpretation, we serve as art form to others - showing what happens when a fanbase loses its collective mind and pieces it back together again.
Now, why would anyone want to encourage this group behavior? Marshall McLuhan has another nifty quote that points us in the right direction with this:
"World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation."
There's this running joke within the ChapoTrapHouse fan community (not a fan, I just observe where metal gear gets talked about) that life is beginning to resemble a Metal Gear game. Biologically genetically altered dystopia, check. Insider leaks of grand governmental conspiracies, check. Zany political characters seizing power, check.
Metal Gear Solid V's Ruse cruise was a simulation for a reality that's to come/is here like how MGS2 was a simulation for MGS1. We know we are lied to by authorities and we know the internet is a mess at being an alternative. Thus, Chaos. For Kojima, my guess is that he wanted to kickstart a version of grassroots behavior that will be important in combatting this "truth recession," because telling us via MGS1-4 doesn't seem to work in changing people's behavior, we have to actually crash and burn in doing it. WW3 is here, we got a slice of training.

Thanks For the Read :)
(my edgiest take is that I think he's embodying his own vision from MGSV. Kojima is Ahab/Venom for Death Stranding's development).
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This is what I like to call the training phase of a trader. It's somewhat akin to when you first learn how to ride a bike. Nobody knows how to ride a bike the first time they get on one, so they put training wheels. In this metaphor, the training wheels are the indicators.But just like when you are riding a bike that is on training wheels, it may seem like you are really riding the bike. But in the back of your mind, you KNOW that you aren't really riding a bike unless you are unassisted.
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