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Ep. 1671 Bitcoin: A Guide for the Perplexed Ideology, Intelligence, and Capital with Nick Land Nick Land Why the Left will Always Win from the Distributist and Mencius Moldbug Mencius: Introduction to An Underrated Chinese Philosopher  Confucianism

Bitcoin is money, Bitcoin is a bubble MENCIUS MOLDBUG On the other hand, the price of a house or a stock, relative to cash, is determined by interest rates. Before the reboot, it is determined by USD interest rates. Just asking . I know absolutely nothing about it, though it intrigues me. If bitcoin is digital cash and ethereum is digital law, Urbit is digital land. The highly ambitious cloud computing project imagines nothing less than a rewiring of the internet, allowing users, not corporations, to own their online identities and data. While most blockchain projects rely on Amazon Web Services and other behemoths for essential infrastructure, Bitcoin exists on exchanges, in custodial wallets, and on platforms that run on third-party servers. under the nom du plume Mencius Moldbug, that argue for the replacement of democracy with an Bitcoin and Urbit, he thinks, form a symbiotic pair (and a nice portmanteau), representing a move towards a fully realized, decentralized existence. At the heart of both bitcoin and Urbit is the notion of digital sovereignty, meaning users aren’t beholden to the coercive effects of a higher authority.

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Ep. 1671 Bitcoin: A Guide for the Perplexed

Vijay Boyapati joins me for a crash course in Bitcoin: why it matters (to the world and to you), what it accomplishes, where it's headed, and why he thinks it's actually superior to gold ... Support the channel by sending questions and donations through Entropy - click 'send paid chat': https://entropystream.live/gtk (You can send paid chats at all times, including when we are offline ... An Exclusive Talk With Curtis Yarvin AKA Mencius Moldbug (Februrary, 2020) - TekWars Podcast Snippet - Duration: 39:52. TekWars 2.0 15,820 views Curtis Yarvin, also known as Mencius Moldbug, is the author of the blog www.unqualified-reservations.org alongside being the founder of Urbit. We talk Yarvin’s latest work Gray Mirror of the ... From "THE ART OF ECONOMY: DECENTRALIZED LABOR PRACTICES AND DISTRIBUTED PRODUCTION NETWORKS" Live streamed October 3rd, 2015.

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