Tarkov - Physical bitcoin - price: 1,000,000₽


Litecoindark specs... Algorithm: Scrypt Halving: 12813 blocks Initial coins per block: 3200 coins Target spacing: 1 minute Target timespan: 5 hours Coinbase maturity: 5 blocks Max Coins: 82.003.200

Masari: Simple Private Money

Masari (MSR) is a scalability-focused, untraceable, secure, and fungible cryptocurrency using the RingCT protocol. Masari is the first CryptoNote coin to develop uncle mining and a fully client side web wallet.

libertarian+bitcoin spam in /r/teaching: I've written my first "fantasy lesson plan" where students in my tech class visit dark net markets and research the price of buying 1000 Facebook credentials, 1000 Paypal credentials, passports, etc.

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What do you think happens with the bitcoin price if the Dark Markets switches to an alternative currency for any reason?

AFAIK it can take up to a year until SegWit reached his full capacity. I am not sure whether it’s too late and even if not what’s coming after SegWit, Lightning Network? Unfortunately I don’t fully understand yet how the Lightning Network works. Is it suitable for these kind of transactions or in other words is there place in Core`s Roadmap for Dark Markets? Just for curiosity.
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How Bitcoin Price is Controlled by Dark Markets

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How Bitcoin Price is Controlled by Dark Markets

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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] How Bitcoin Price is Controlled by Dark Markets

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How Bitcoin Price is Controlled by Dark Markets

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How Bitcoin Price is Controlled by Dark Markets

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Press • How Bitcoin Price is Controlled by Dark Markets

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How Bitcoin Price is Controlled by Dark Markets

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What do you think happens with the bitcoin price if the Dark Markets switches to an alternative currency for any reason? /r/Bitcoin

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ProTip Day 8 - Update on Dark Market Hack and Bitcoin Price

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ProTip Day 8 - Update on Dark Market Hack and Bitcoin Price

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"Bitcoin is too volatile"

Bitcoin maintains price for 4 months
Everyone - "bitcoin price action is so boring"
Seriously, isn't steady price good for this space?
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Opinion: Most news articles on BTC trends are dumb af.

It just seems like so many people (read: “analysts”) pretend to understand the ups and downs when in reality all it takes is some whale to make a big play and the numbers take a drastic turn.
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I have been watching you for a while, you know. Wasn't sure whether to invest, but now I know that I must? (FUSION. Could have also prevented the Statera balancer hack?)

So this project caught my (and probably many other people's) attention at least once last year. Especially after the foundation had some of its funds stolen which saw the token's price tank massively. I kind of forgot about it until seeing it being veeeery low-key mentioned on TG again recently and it appears to have 5xed over the last few months, essentially returning back to its old price level, while still being relatively low cap. Also sitting nicely next to LTO (another actually professional, albeit slow-burning, project) on https://coinstats.network/, rising rapidly throughout the ranks over the last weeks. (The top three performers at the time of this post are VeChain, LTO, and FSN, as you can see at the right top.)
Anyway... I did some digging, and frankly, I feel like simply quoting Dejun Qian (leader of Fusion and also founder of BitSE, which later enabled the rise of VeChain), because he does an overall decent enough job at explaining the general gist behind Fusion -- a blockchain designed in particular with decentralized finance (DEFI) in mind:
...most of which (Time-Lock, DCRM and Quantum Swap) are patented. Although it should also be mentioned how the Telegram frequently questions the ability to enforce these patents. And depending on your personal outlook in regards to patents in the cryptospace, you could generally consider this a big negative point. Or, if you only care about money, a very positive one. With the latter likely aligning more with this sub's interests.
Anyway... Time-locking simply refers to you locking in any type of asset (real or digital) and then being able to lend it for some set amount of time (time-slice) without giving up ownership. This could have been useful in preventing, for example, the Statera Balancer hack, since you merely give up access to your asset for a certain amount of time while still retaining ownership yourself. E.g. you could have granted the Balancer 3 months of access to your assets. Whereas, had your assets been stolen by a bad actor within this time-frame as it happend in the Statera/Balancer case, you would still have received all of your assets back after these 3 months passed. No assets would have been lost on your end. So this mechanism, patented by Fusion, adds additional security. (Their Ticketed Proof of Stake (TPoS) mechanism works the same way -- You never risk actually losing your tokens forever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FX57OwpNNMA )(Also: You are also free to correct me in case this doesn't actually work with Balancer's mechanics.)
In general, the borrowing of the (front end; now to some point in the future) time-slice finds application in finance what bonds, futures, options, etc is concerned, again making fusion a great choice for DEFI. To again cite Qian:
(If you're into this stuff, it's easy to just search for words such as "factoring" or "bank draft" or "clearing house" in the official Telegram channel https://t.me/FUSIONFoundation . Also in relationship to upcoming and borrowed FSN tokens, which can be combined to form whole FSN tokens.)
Another more concrete use-case would be, for example, the granting of access to a house's or car's digital lock without giving up direct ownership of these assets for a certain amount of time, after which said access will be returned to its owner. Additionally, it's also possible to resell parts of this access in case you no longer have any use for it. (E.g. if you license a software for 6 months, but suddenly decide to no longer have any use for it after a mere 2 months, you can resell the remaining 4 months that are left.)
Also worthy of mention might be some of the bigger Fusion-related DEFI (hype!) projects being built on the Fusion blockchain:
  • WeDefi, which aims to be, or allows for users to act as, a kind of decentralized bank; stream-lining lending/borrowing and other kinds of DEFI; will come as APP to the IOS and Play-Store for the Smartphone soon.
  • SMPCwallet. Will include DCRM dapps such as a multichain DEX, a multicustodial wallet, etc (fixing problems related to key exposure mentioned by Vitalik in an AMA linked later in this post)
  • Anyswap, a cross-chain/interoperability version of Uniswap. Qian suggests that it could in the future also serve a function similar to Compound, letting you pick up a collateral in exchange for the provision of liquidity. (Built on SMPCwallet AFAIK; a recent post shilling it here -> https://old.reddit.com/CryptoMoonShots/comments/hprd2p/anyswap_a_completely_decentralized_swap_exchange/)
  • An auto-loan platform by AXP
  • Realio and YAD Capital issuing digitized assets to be tokenized on the FSN blockchain. Meaning securities, etc. Currently they're trying to raise a $5mm tokenized fund. (Also worth mentioning here is that SolidX, who have experience and SEC connections working on a Bitcoin ETF, are part of Fusion's DCRM Alliance)
  • And more. https://www.fusion.org/partnerships hovering over the links gives some input. xDLT is built on fusion, for instance, offering an interoperable form of etherscan. (To my understanding...)
Then here's a great AMA you should read: https://fsnfeed.com/2020/05/23/on-23st-of-may-2020-dj-qian-ceo-of-fusion-foundation-had-a-live-ama-session-with-kevin-of-ama-series-stayhome/
And if you want to try out Fusion, you can sign up at WeDefi and play around with borrowed tokens and even earn full tokens by doing so. Take note, however, that only full tokens may be staked, should you plan to do so. ( https://www.wedefi.com/faq )
As for the FSN token value, it would appreciate simply by virtue of gas fees, staking, DCRM which can be licensed in exchange for 800k FSN, potential applications of time-locking relative to assets and the Fusion token (looking at safebet, for instance), etc... as Fusion is adopted. The staking ROI is currently at 23%. (I can't really make a prediction about the token's value development here, since the entire system and the potential applications really exceed my knowledge. And, being crypto, odds are that putting a price on it might be impossible for just about anyone.)
The best way of storing FSN is whallet, which can be used in conjunction with your Ledger's Ethereum app. (MyFusionWallet was experiencing synchronization problems the other day, but seems to be working perfectly fine again as of the time of this post.)
A relatively big negative point frequently mentioned by the community is the lack of marketing and the team losing its first-mover advantage, which is a concern the Fusion team has recently tried to address. As REN, for instance, which allows for but a portion of Fusion's use case such as an allegedly inferior version of DCRM and dark pools/clearing houses (and according to the Fusion community of course worse), has recently gone on a small bullrun of its own. Much to the chagrin of disillusioned Fusion bagholders. And I've personally also seen TrustSwap make an appearance, which appears to aim for the creation of a crosschain version of UniSwap much akin to AnySwap. (I'm not 100% sure about this, however.)
If you have any personal opinions, you are free to share them. Maybe you consider it obsolete in the future, especially if we do end up in a "one chain takes all" scenario? Alternatively you could be holding the belief that it can moon simply due to the #defi hype? Perhaps there's not enough marketing on the team's part? Or is FSN really under the radar, being ignored (and thus massively undervalued) for the time being only because the features offered by FSN are not yet fully appreciated in the still fledgling DEFI space, with ETH simply not being suitable for DEFI, and FSN suddenly making an appearance in the top 35 without anyone having noticed? Etc? Any disgruntled bagholders here who want to vent or add something I forgot? Now's your chance.
P.S.: All this is probably also a relatively superficial explaination that doesn't capture the project's value in a way people like Qian could explain it, especially what the use of time-slices (both front and back, and their combination), the long-term renting and valuation of front-slices, and the number of financial applications, is concerned... but I hope it serves as a good general overview, also what references to other DEFI projects is concerned. And it has taken off a bit recently, like many projects in this mini-bull run. So some people may no longer consider it low cap. But I'm still gonna post it so it doesn't go to waste. Lol. At the very least it might serve as general overview. That and the sub rules state "cryptos out of the top 100.")
Also disclaimer: I am holding a decently sized bag myself. (And I really hoped it wouldn't cross 70 cent so "soon," all things considered...)
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How will you secure your already secure stash for the endgame?

 According to the updated S2FX model, the price of BTC will hit 288k in the next few years. PlanB the creator of said model has made it clear that if the price where to ever hit those projections, they would go dark. The state of the world that they outline along with the infamous BTC time traveller post suggests something quite bleak. Not to say that this will ever actually come to be. Although, I can’t help but think with the current state of our world we could be heading right towards this. The FED printing trillions of dollars, unemployment at an all time high, a stock market that defies all logic, mass protests and riots, a corrupt administration fighting for reelection, and not to mention a pandemic and the potential for a second wave. This has the perfect storm written all over it, and seems likely that the US dollar will not fare well over the coming years. So my question is what does it mean to go “dark”. How can we secure our stash when/if we become targets of our own government and ordered to hand over our bitcoins? Assume the damage has already been done and the gov knows who holds BTC and exactly how much. It happened with gold and it could happen again. What steps should we be taking today to remain as secure as possible for all worst case outcomes? 
This pandemic has turned the autist in me to a conspiracy nut. Please humor me
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Lockdown episode 1: the zoom bomber

The office are having their first zoom call during lockdown. Michael has shared the password and details with all of his contacts, causing shenanigans and all sorts of fun.
Michael : " Helloooooo......... Is there anybody out there......... Hello, hello, hello....... Echooioooooo..."
Pam: " Michael there's a lot of feedback from your end, where are you? My ears are ringing".
Phyllis drops off call.
Michael: " I'm.... In my kitchen... (sound of toilet flushing in background, piercing feedback sounds)
Pam:" Michael... Are you sitting on the toilet? "
Michael:" No, that was my sink!... It flushes." (sounds of trousers being pulled up)
Phyllis joins the call again, cannot figure out how to switch on sound so nobody can hear her.
Kevin: " Hello, is there Anybody THERE!? "
Jim:" we can hear you buddy, no need to scream. "
Michael:" Oh look, Stanley is in the waiting room. Crewdog819, I like his username, very black!"
Crewdog819 joins call.
Michael: "Hey Stanley!"
Crewdog819: "muffled, repetitive fapping sounds"
Angela: " That sounds like the noise Mr sprinkles used to make when he would see the neighbours cat lola."
Michael: " Stanley, put your video on so we can see you?"
Pam: "Ewwwwwww, Michael kick him off the call, that's not Stanley!"
Michael: "What is that? it's like a pink vegetable with goo on it."
Dwight: "I can confirm that it is an excitable penis. Do not be alarmed, everybody has seen a penis in this condition."
Pam: " I don't want to see an excitable penis!!!!!"
Dwight: " Come on Pam, you're an adult female, you've at least seen two male members in a state of arousal!"
Angela:" This is revolting, I am leaving. "
Angela leaves call.
Michael:" Stanley, please stop doing that. We do not wish... To view that. "
Dwight: "I can confirm that's not Stanley's, the penis belongs to a Caucasian male, I am taking screenshots to forward on to the police."
Jim: " for the police, of course."
Dwight: " This zoom has been compromised. On my count of 3, everybody leave the call! 1!"
Everybody leaves call bar Dwight and Phyllis.
Dwight:" 2, 3, leave now!!!! "
Dwight drops off the call.
Phyllis gets her sound working
Phyllis:" Helloooo? Can anybody hear me?.. "
Crewdog189:" muffled fapping noises intensify."
Michael talking head.
Michael: " So on our first zoom call, a man, impersonating Stanley.... Appeared on screen, furiously masturbating . Or blowing the horn if you will... " snickers. But, that was unexpected for a zoom work call.... nobody expected to see an erect, excited penis on a zoom call, so people are upset. Now, if it had been a beautiful woman doing that... Maybe a famous actress, Jennifer Aniston perhaps, I think we all would have been happier. I know I, would have been happier.....But people are upset, and now people don't want to use zoom, and somebody went crying to corporate, and now nobody will zoom me. In case they see another penis! "
Jim talking head
Jim:" We were actually using something else before zoom, zoyke, it's called.... Oh you haven't heard of it?? Really?? You haven't heard of zoyke?... I thought everyone knew what Zoyke was.... Well, for the uninitiated, Zoyke is chat hub platform, essentially the exact same as zoom, except you have to link in via the dark Web. I know, like genius, right? So Dwight had us all using this untested, and legally grey knock off of zoom because he wouldn't use zoom, because I convinced him China were using it to spy on us. It was fun, learning how to use the darkweb in order to access a work call.... Until the fbi raided the meeting and logged all our ips, thinking we were selling drugs, or child porn...... "
Dwight:" I use Zoyke for all my communication, mail, semaphore, sos, a-mail, ymail, telegraph, fax. Its convenient for selling extra unrooted beets and old soil at a discount price which you just can't get rid of at a farmers market. There are guys on the dark Web that will pay quite a lot of bitcoin for my old soil. China are trying to spy on me, but I am always eighty steps ahead of them. I don't have Facebook, twitter, Instagram, or bebo, I am a social media ghost, take that China!"
Cut to scene of Toby and Michael having a zoom call about the incident on zoom earlier that day.
Michael:" It was just a penis Toby! It's a sexual thing, which we all know, because we are all adults, I don't understand why you are making such a big deal out of the penis!"
Toby: "Michael, this is a serious issue.... I have to file a report with corporate..."
Michael: "Oh seriously!? You're such a wet towel Toby. It was a big, oozing penis, nobody died!"
Toby: "It's not just the penis Michael... There was Zoyke.... An fbi agent showed up at my house...."
Michael: "That's because you are a child molester, Tony, and I reported you! And zoyke was Dwight, I did not sanction that".
Toby: faltering tone, " Michael.... I've gotten complaints, I'll have to report this to corporate...and have you considered the fact that this most likely would have had to have been an employee."
Michael:" Well, we don't kow that...."
Toby:" Michael, did you share the details of the zoom call with anybody outside of the company? "
Michael:" Look Toby, it's called zoom bombing, it's a harmless, hilarious prank, which everybody does, kind of like leaving a burning turd on someone's doorstep... Except you're leaving it on their computer, while they are in work, at home. It's a prank, it's fun, but you wouldnt understand, because you were brought into this world to suck fun out of fun things, like a sad clown, vampire."
Toby:" Michael, corporate will want to determine if this was an employee. This is a fireable offence. We need to look into this. "
Michael:" Well, when people come crying to me saying 'hey Michael, why can't we have fun zoom parties anymore,' I'll say, because Toby had all the fun taken away by corporate, because he's Dracula, and he eats fun for breakfast! "
Toby:" Michael, seeing a penis without wanting or expecting to in a work environment is not fun for people... "
Michael:" Speak for yourself Toby...... "
Baffled silence while Michael seethes and then ends call.
Cuts to scene of Michael receiving a zoom invite from Packer.
Packer:" What's up nerd!!! "
Michael:" whoahhh, hey packman!!!"
Packer:" Check this out, Michael, haha! "
Michael:" Whoah, heyyyyy, oh my gawd, packer! You... Is that your butt..." Michael laughing hysterically.
Packer: " I'm mooning you Scott, bet you like that man ass in your face"
Michael:" put that away, packer..... I can't.... Oooohhhh you got me...."
Packer: " You've been bombed!!! "
Michael: "I can't.... That's genius..." still laughing goofily.
Packer: "Hey, did you like my creamy surprise the other day? Boy were those gals upset, thought halpert was gonna pee his panties".
Michael: "That was you?...." laughing falters.
Packer: "Crewdog189!!!"
Michael: "BRILLIANT! Old school Packer!"
Packer: "I was a bit drunk that day.... And I was wondering how many people actually saw it...?"
Michael: laughing hesitantly... "what?"
Packer: "You see, I woke up after and I was still going. How many people saw it exactly?"
Michael: bursts out laughing, "everyone!"
Prolonged silence.
Michael: " Packer?"
Packer: "shiiiiitttt!"
Packer leaves call.
(part 2)
Packer talking head
Packer: " I haven't done anything like that in a while. There's actually a court order that says I can't have a computer. I'm in recovery, been trying to avoid the whiskey, but lockdowns been tough. I really hope corporate doesn't find out. I don't want them seeing my dick again. "
Meredith talking head.
Meredith:" Knew it was packer the moment I saw the tip. Mushroom dick. " smirks at camera.
Cuts to scene of David Wallace calling Michael.
Michael:" Good morning Vietnam!!!!... I mean David wallace".
David wallace: " Its not a good morning Michael. I have a hr report from Toby sitting in front of me about a zoom call you hosted... Wanna tell me a little about that."
Michael: "Ah yes, the penis!!!"
Awkard silence.
Michael : "I have heard tell.... That a male sex organ made a mysterious appearance on our work zoom call."
David: "Okay.... And do we know yet which employee it belongs to?"
Michael: "I have yet to do any examinations.... But I can safely say it was not Stanley's penis ".
David: " Michael, let's not make this hard."
Michael: "That's what she said."
David: sighs under breath. " Michael, you need to assist Toby with this investigation. Our IT guys will have to check over everybody's hardrives, you will have inform all of your staff of that. And we will now have to comply with a criminal investigation from the federal bureau due to a application called zoyke.... Michael? "
Michael:" That was all Dwight, I wanted to use zoom, but then he told me that China are using it to learn English and take over the world economy, and I was afraid, for our privacy."
David:" Michael, I want no more nonsense, you hear me? You really need to smarten up, the board of directors are asking me why an fbi team had to come into corporate asking about the dark Web. I really can have no more Michael. Or you're done. "
Michael: " I swear, we will be nonsense free from here on out. And penis free."
David:" Are you finished? "
Michael:" That's what she said. "
Silence on other end, faint sounds of David cursing under his breath.
Jim talking head.
Jim:" So we found out today that packer has been suspended pending an investigation. It seems that he was Crewdog189, and that he was finally caught after bombing a senior management call, and a high school net ball team call. Doesn't surprise me too much.... But then it's hard to be surprised after ending up on an fbi watch list because of Dwight. "
Angela talking head.
Angela:" I'm glad that they found the owner.... And that they were brought to justice. We don't all need to see pornography everywhere we go. We're not all like Pam and Jim. "
Dwight talking head
Dwight:" I can confirm that there would have been no penises if we had stuck with zoyke. Admittedly, I accidentally ended up in a chatroom with a nuclear arms dealer the other night while taking a wrong turn on the silicon trail. Wasn't interested in my old soil, but he was intrigued by the beats."
Michael talking head:
Michael :" In the right circumstances, a man's penis, can be the most beautiful thing a woman will ever see... But sometimes, when in the wrong circumstances.... It is ugly, and disgusting, and looks like a deformed slug.... But it is still anatomy, it is still human. Packer showed us his humanity, and for that, he was burned. When I now see a penis, in that context, I know, that while it may be hilarious, it is not socially acceptable. And for that, I thank Todd Packer. "
Cuts to scene of Phyllis receiving details of a zoom invite. Joins-the host is pacman92.
Phyllis:" Hello? Can anybody hear me? I can't see or hear anybody. "
Muffled fapping noises audible
Phyllis:" Hello? Who's there? "
Cuts to credits.
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𝟭𝟯 𝗝𝘂𝗻𝗲 & 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘄𝗲𝗲𝗸 𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴 ⚠️

𝟭𝟯 𝗝𝘂𝗻𝗲 & 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘄𝗲𝗲𝗸 𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴 ⚠️
*** Please be careful this weekend & coming week on possibilities of high spread of infections & careful of negative influences - avoid crowded areas with possibilities of violence ****
This weekend’s Mars Conjunct Neptune squares North Node-Sun-Uranus- Moon of Trump’s chart. And Mars Neptune conjunction is happening on his 8th house cusp. I haven’t seen much being said on this though I might have missed reading it so I though I will mention.
These aspects happening on solar return is very significant. Even one of these aspects would be. I am not surprised his security has been increased multiple notches. This energy is carried in the solar chart for the person.
Bookmark this post!
Transit Mars squares Sun can lead to cuts, abrasions, fevers. But with North Node and Uranus this can be amplified many fold. Neptune square leads to confusion and weakness of immunity and susceptibility of body to reactions. Deception, confusion, aggressive actions.
8th house is house of death & rebirth, power, our addictions & dark side but can lead to healing & regeneration after a crisis too - but it never comes without a heavy price. In a positive manifestation - this yields drive to achieve a higher goal - if applied for higher universal goals. But in lower manifestation this can be fairly destructive physically & financially. Mars Neptune conjunction standalone itself invites danger from violence, infections, influences.
Hope for better manifestation but this to me would be big red flag in coming week.
Mars Neptune will be conjunct at 21° Pisces - exact on 13 June but felt strongly in coming week as Neptune stands still square Mars of United States chart & Sun of Donald Trump. This links back to my eclipse note & warning on summer eclipses.
In Trump’s chart that’s activating fixed star Bellatrix which has qualities of Mars & Mercury - quick decision making & quick tongue. Remember we are in Mercury retro shadow period - misguided tempers & words can be spoken. Mercury is in water sign & running at warp speed - things are said driven by sensitivity, emotions & protectionism. Mercury will go retrograde on 18th - I have listed all retrograde dates for you here -
This fixed star rules lungs & chest cavity in human body. Conjunct Mars & Neptune it can drive us to creativity or fight for higher good using our voice & action. Arnold Schwarzenegger has Mars Conjunct Bellatrix - you get the picture - big action. But Neptune can really misguide these actions - all means justify the end. Worst with Neptune this can severely deteriorate the lungs & cause physical suffering in chest.
This calls for low immunity in general but these dangers especially exist in my view in Trump’s chart.
Plus there is high chance of misguided fight - person leading troops to war. Trump’s Sun falls on United States Mars in 7th - he has potential to drive the partnerships or rile up the partnerships - this is indications of a President who leads a war with partners or enemies.
Coming to chart of United States - Mars Neptune conjunction of 13 June squares Mars of United States so you have to be very careful if you reside in the US in coming week from infections & any negative environments involving violence. This aspect has been in making last few days but it will intensify as Neptune now stands still about to go retrograde.
There is always higher manifestation & human will. Additionally this is happening in mutable signs - mutable signs adapt, shift gears to make things work in the right way. It’s in Pisces - one thread ties all souls together.
Higher manifestation drives people to use their sharp tongue & intellect to soldier people for a good cause - humanity & creativity blossoms. We are seeing people across the world do that and hope that is the positive manifestation we all direct our will & voice for.
This aspect was repeated 6/7 Dec 2018 if you would like to see how this might personally impact you. Below were key global events around the time
§ US aircraft due confusion collided over Japan sea § Bomb threats were handed out asking for Bitcoin § Major Salmonella outbreak § Yellow vest movement § Unfortunate Christmas market shooting § Bill Barr was nominated US Attorney General
I am sure I am missing a few but you can check personally those few days before & after 6/7 Dec 2018. It wasn’t exact same degree & aspects but you could get a few directional clues.
Take care Love & more 💞
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[Daily Discussion] Sunday, December 15th

Welcome to the /xmrtrader daily discussion thread!
Thread topics include, but are not limited to:
Thread Guidelines
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Huge update to Cryptophyl - the SLP token exchange

Hi there,
We've just released a big update to cryptophyl.com. The complete overhaul includes the addition of new features, a mobile-friendly trading interface and many design improvements. On top of this, we've just seen our biggest month yet of SLP token trading: almost $1M USD over April.

What's new?
Dark theme – We’ve introduced a dark theme which recolours the exchange interface so you can trade indoors without worrying about your eyes. The most requested feature we’ve had, you asked, and we delivered.
Charts – We've added OHLC candle charts to the exchange so you can view price and volume data of all token trading since Cryptophyl launched last August. You can toggle between different periods and set the candle interval.
Mobile friendly trading – We’ve revamped the mobile and desktop trading experience to a modern and responsive web application so you can trade comfortably on the move.
Design improvements – We've refreshed the Cryptophyl logo, colours and typography, as well as redesigning the interface to maximise screen size, to provide a fresh user experience.
Data availability – We've collected the most important trading and price information and have made it readily available from the dashboard – the core of the product. You can start trading, depositing and withdrawing with just a single click from here.
API Keys – You can now generate API keys for programmatic trading directly on the platform. With lucrative arbitrage and market making opportunities existing in this nascent market, there is no better time than now to get started (view API documentation or create API Keys).

Record trading volume
In April we saw $900,000 USD worth of tokens traded over the month. The biggest markets were:

  1. HonestCoin (USDH) - regulatory compliant 1:1 Backed USD stablecoin built on Bitcoin Cash = fast, cheap and stable border-less payments. We offer both BCH and BTC pairs. (Great explainer video why it's a nice alternative to USDT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEiO3mwDwPQ)
  2. Drop Token (DROP) - Cryptophyl's native exchange token which you can earn just for trading and gives you perks and features on the exchange.
  3. Spice Token (SPICE) - a fun appreciation token used for tipping on social media, one of the first and most adopted SLP tokens.

What are SLP tokens?
SLP is an emerging standard for issuing tokens on Bitcoin Cash. This means any token transactions are as scalable, fast and cheap as Bitcoin Cash . You can learn more about SLP tokens and how to quickly create your own token here: http://simpleledger.cash/

What's next for us?
We're working to release Detoken - a trustless token exchange which allows you to buy, sell and trade tokens whilst always being in control of your private key! This means there is no centralised point of failure and you never have to trust us with your coins and tokens. The exchange will be open source. We're making it easy for wallets such as bitcoin.com to integrate Detoken into their product flow and we think it's going to be huge for the SLP token ecosystem!

Semyon, Founder and CEO, Cryptophyl.com
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Bitcoin’s Mainstream Adoption

Bitcoin’s Mainstream Adoption
How financial system has changed its rigid views in favor of cryptocurrencies.
by StealthEX
It goes without saying that the real value of anything can be judged only through practical, everyday use of it. With Bitcoin, as with cryptocurrencies in general, it is no different. Although the concept of a decentralized digital ledger as it is represented by the leading cryptocurrency may seem enticing and masterly on its own, ultimately, it still comes down to the actual application and usability in real life. And this is where BTC adoption within the existing financial system comes into play as one metric to gauge its genuine success or utmost failure, arguably the most telling and important one.

A medium of exchange

Bitcoin was envisioned as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, synonymous with the idea of using it as a medium of exchange or means of payment (the latter two being essentially six of one and half a dozen of the other). As everything big out there, Bitcoin started small. What went completely unnoticed in 2008 now came to be a major factor capable of affecting the entire global financial system.
But before that, Bitcoin was used as a means of exchange and payment in the markets which shouldn’t have been there in the first place. These were the days when the Dark Web was the primary and likely only driver behind Bitcoin adoption rate, and that’s also happened to be the reason why so many governments turned heavily against it back in the day. Bitcoin had received a bad rap as a currency for conducting illegal operations, mostly selling drugs on black markets like now-defunct Silk Road.
It was not until late 2012 that Bitcoin started to attract attention of the general public after the launch of Coinbase in the summer of that year. Around that time the first attempts to regulate the top cryptocurrency had begun, and the overall negative attitude toward BTC started to change. All in all, the period between 2008 and 2012 was likely the only time in Bitcoin’s eventful and intense history when most of its adoption came about through using it as a real currency and a means of payment, even if primarily for illegal purposes and criminal activities.

A store of value and investment asset

Bitcoin today as we know it has only become possible after many thousands of speculators and investors started to pour their money into the cryptocurrency in the hope of earning off the future growth. No matter how you look at it, whether you like it or not since 2013 Bitcoin adoption has been expanding mostly by attracting people who are interested in it as an alternative, non-sovereign store of value and investment asset. Today Bitcoin as an investment asset and store of value totally took over the Bitcoin as a means of payment and exchange.
The godfather of all cryptocurrencies has seen plenty of ups and downs, which posed a valid concern regarding how it would perform as a grown-up investment asset. Now that we have seen oil prices go into negative territory and fall as low as -37 dollars per barrel, a lot of these doubts have been dispelled. It is little wonder that institutional investors are nowadays looking into Bitcoin as a robust hedge against inflation and sinking economies in a world fraught with recession risks and plagued by the coronavirus pandemic. For example, in 2019 alone cryptocurrency assets under the management of hedge funds more than doubled – to over 2 billion dollars, with around 150 hedge funds actively investing in cryptocurrencies today.
It is no surprise either that during the last couple of years Bitcoin has risen substantially in the eyes of the institutional beholders, all the way up from the bottom, from an outcast, and sometimes even an outright outlaw, to a level on par with such an established store of value as gold. The famous hedge fund manager and billionaire Paul Tudor Jones, who manages around 22 billion dollars through his BVI Global Fund, recently confirmed that he has invested a few percent of his assets in Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation and central banks printing money out of thin air. Altogether, this leaves no doubt that Bitcoin has become a viable and legit investment choice in the realm of institutional money.

A value transfer vehicle

International money transfers have always been a pain in the neck – slow, costly, complicated. As Bitcoin needs no banking institutions to conduct money transfers, be it domestic or global, it has become a value transfer vehicle of choice for people willing to send money with no involvement of banks and payments processors. Historically, making overseas remittances with Bitcoin was among the first use cases of this cryptocurrency.
Cross-border remittances have been recognized as an important source of private capital flows for developing countries. Bitcoin and its crypto brethren have firmly established themselves in this niche for the simple reason many people in poor countries don’t have a bank account and thus can’t access bank services, aside from overall poor banking infrastructure there along with reasonable concerns about the stability of national currencies in backward economies.
Without cryptocurrencies, it would be impossible to receive financial support from abroad provided by migrant workers to their families. This led to an emergence of a wide variety of bitcoin-based remittance services such as BitPesa, Rebit, Bloom, Payphil, to name but just a few, that offer such services for African and Asian countries. They are typically using Bitcoin as a value transfer medium concealing the cryptocurrency from users by converting the sender’s fiat currency into bitcoins and then converting back to the receiver’s fiat currency.

Problems and solutions

One of the major problems Bitcoin faces is not strictly specific to it as it stems from an innate conflict between the two major functions of money. As it happens, a medium of exchange function doesn’t live quite well with a store of value function. A good medium of exchange, or means of payment, should be inflationary to facilitate its use as a currency that you pay with, say, in a grocery store. On the other hand, a good store of value should be the opposite of that to maintain and possibly increase its value over time. Realistically, such a dilemma cannot be effectively resolved from within Bitcoin itself.
As a result, the main cryptocurrency has developed into a trusted, battle-tested investment asset which already established a firm foothold in the corporate investment sector. This is in stark contrast to its promise as a functional currency where Bitcoin still massively lags behind fiat. Is there any way to fix that? The solution probably lies in the separation of different functions between Bitcoin and altcoins. The former will most certainly continue to evolve as a solid store of value. Whether the latter can live up to their collective role of an efficient means of payment, we have yet to find out.
And remember if you need to exchange your coins StealthEX is here for you. We provide a selection of more than 250 coins and constantly updating the list so that our customers will find a suitable option. Just go to StealthEX and follow these easy steps:
✔ Choose the pair and the amount for your exchange. For example ETH to BTC.
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✔ Move your cryptocurrency for the exchange.
✔ Receive your coins.
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I ruin people’s lives for fun, this is my story. [Chapter 3]

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Good morning. It is currently 9 in the morning, and I am just finishing up my coffee at a local shop. I always get the same thing: A large iced coffee with 4 ice cubes and 2 packets of sugar. That concoction makes it the perfect temperature to enjoy.
I tend to do everything by routine, because I like to think it makes me more organized if I do it that way. Life is just a whole bunch of patterns someone has yet to figure out.
I was looking more into Jason’s assets and accounts. I came across something that made me laugh. He has been paying Kiley $1,000 every week. So from my observations, Kiley looks like an escort.
I think that this is helpful, because now I know that she doesn’t have a trustful relationship with him. I mean the money was being paid to the website to hire escorts. I really don’t care about Kiley though. She isn’t important to the game anymore.
I have to go to work in about an hour so I need to finish this up pretty quickly. I wanted to make the process of fucking with Jason long. I went on the dark web for a minute to see if I could come across a device that could withdraw money via ATM from previous accounts that had been connected to said ATM.
If that made any sense, my plan would be to buy this tool, and steal money from Jason’s account. I know I used bitcoin for the last one, but I thought this would be more eventful. I wanted more hands-on experience if you know what I mean.
I forgot to mention that I saw that Jason had a permit for concealed carry, so I need to keep this in mind.
After searching on a couple of the markets that I have accounts with, I finally came across it. It was around $200. I just went ahead, and used the funds that were already on my account to purchase it. It says that it ships domestically, so it should be here in the next few days. I will continue with this update after I get done with my shift.
I have just finished my shift, and I'm exhausted from how pestering my boss is. That prick just loves his sales quotas.
I got a confirmation letter from the vendor to my private email saying:
Your purchase was confirmed and the shipping process will now begin … thanks for doing business.
Fantastic! Now we can get to the fun part. I wanted to look more into his odd transaction with a car wash in Florida. I looked up the car wash, and it was only 2 miles away from Jason’s vacation home. I went ahead and called.
Some women picked up, “JJ’s car wash … how may I help you?"
I replied with, “Good, good. I was just wondering if I could get in contact with the owner? I wanted to come over, and do an evaluation on the value of the land … Is he there right now, or could you possibly give me a phone number to reach him?”
She hesitated, and said, “Uhhh, I'm sorry, sir, I'm not really sure if I can give that info out. Let me ask my manager.”
I interrupted her with, “No, that won’t be necessary. Just give me his email, and I’ll send him the information myself. Thanks.”
She said, “Sure … it's [email protected][redacted].com”
I hung up saying, “Thanks so much for your help. It means a lot. Thanks.”
Some people are just so oblivious to the world that they’ll believe anything they hear. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be complaining because that email is the same as Jason's. He owns some little car wash near his house in Florida. I wanted to look more into this, but thought that for right now it's a waste of time. (Added "that". Apostrophe on "it's", because it's= it is.)
Well, I went ahead and drove over to the nightclub Jason goes to every Wednesday night to see what he was up to there. I disguised myself as much as I could. I mean there were a lot of people here so no one would notice me unless I was face to face with them. I had a hat on and a hoodie. I just looked down at the floor as much as I could. I followed Jason in after he arrived with his driver. He went upstairs where VIPS are only allowed. I kept an eye on him for a while. He then disappeared to a back room which had me curious. I needed to figure a way to get upstairs without anyone questioning my authenticity. I went to the back room where I guess the staff gets ready. I found this work shirt that was black and an extra pair of pants that were a size too big. I had a belt on me so that wasn’t an issue and I put on the clothes and now I looked like a waiter. I went to the bar and said I needed 6 “on the rock” martinis and handed her a tray to put them on. She asked, “You work here?” I said, “Yeah, new … these are going upstairs so make it quick.” She nodded and proceeded to make the drinks. She handed me the tray and I carefully made my way up to one of the security guards at the stairs. I looked at him and said, “These are to go up to Mr. Peterson?. He looked at me up and down and waved his hand towards the stairs allowing me to go. I walked up the stairs with the tray in my hands and walked through the back door that Jason had recently disappeared to. I saw a few ladies that were all intoxicated and a couple of men sitting on the couch. There was a nice electric fireplace next to a computer desk that wrapped around the corner of the room. It was a decently big room with a minibar as well. I walked over towards the men. I said, “Excuse me gentlemen but, I have 6 martinis ready to drink in my hand.” I could tell that they all have been drinking because of the way they were slurring their words. Jason spoke up and said, “Perfect thank you … here’s a tip” handing me a $100 bill I took the money and pocketed it saying, “Thank you .. if you need anything else please call down to the bar.” I walked out. That room was soundproof as well because when I walked out my ears were rushed with loud music from the dance floor. I saw another door to my right and my curiosity peaked and I walked through. It was this long hallway and a little red sign saying “Exit”. Nothing special here so I just walked out back downstairs. I went ahead a walked over to the security guard and asked him something, “Which one of those guys is the owner?” He replied with, “You should know this … Mr. Peterson just took over ownership a few weeks ago.” This caught me off guard and I said, “Oh right … thanks.” I was mind blown because of how many properties this guy owned. Where was he getting all of this money … I mean I know that he owns a security company but, 2 houses, 3 companies that all pay in cash, a personal driver, large bank transactions. All of this wasn’t adding up. I went online and did some research.
I have the suspicion that Jason is laundering money through his businesses. I don’t know who he is cleaning money for but, it’s probably someone who doesn’t want their money fucked with. This could be an issue because if I fuck with Jason’s life and his financial situation that someone else could be looking after him. I don’t fear anyone will find me because I make sure I do everything very securely. I should be getting the atm snipping tool soon and hope to make a move on Jason and uncover his dirt. I’m getting excited just writing this right now knowing that I could possibly ruin not just Jason's life but his whole operation. Before I do begin my adventure I need to make a couple of precautionary steps. I logged onto the dark web and found a trustful hacking service. I would never hire someone to hack unless I didn’t have the skills to do the task. I mean if somehow I turned up dead my plan would still carry out. So I found someone who could “ruin” his life. I’ve been chatting with him now to see what type of services he offers and I found one that fits my purpose. I also told him I wouldn’t buy unless I failed my game, which means death. He understood and told me how it would work. He said I would need to put the money in escrow and I told him if I don’t respond within 2 weeks that the money will be sent automatically. By putting the money in escrow it means I can’t take it out and he can’t accept the payment unless all conditions are met with a third party. I set up a zombie computer to be the third party. Usually the vendor or market your on will have an escrow system but, I wanted to make sure that he would certainly get the money if anything happens to me. So I set the zombie and sent the escrow away. The payment was $600 to do whatever was necessary to either ruin them financially or put them in jail. This hacker could make them be known as a child porn user by encrypting his computer with files that would have him arrested. I was thinking of this option or go to a darker market which would put a price on Jason’s head.
Now that this was all set up I could move on and take Jason’s money. I watched him after work for a few nights to see if he would use an atm. He was at a little food market having lunch and used the atm to withdraw $40. I know this because my little tool tells me. So I watched him from across the street to see when he left. He left after eating and walked back to his car where his driver was waiting. They drove off and I waited about 5 minutes before doing anything. Atm machines have cameras so I needed to cover my face before hacking his account. I checked which account he withdrew from before going inside since I had access to his computer passwords. The account he used had approximately $12,000 in it. I knew going into this that I would only withdraw a couple thousand because I didn’t want the bank instantly freezing his account even though after he noticed, he would call and tell them. So I set up a script that would take $10,000 through tiny transactions with bots and have them located from all over the world so it wouldn’t be able to trace back to me. It would then compile the transactions back to an offshore account that I made. I would set this into action as soon as I withdrew the $2,000 in cash from the atm. This would leave Jason with $0 in his one account. I knew that he had other accounts but, the one that I was targeting had the highest balance.
I put on a bandana and some dark sunglasses with a hoodie on and walked inside. I got myself a little drink and paid in cash making sure to keep my fingers off the handle. I then went over to the atm and placed the tool where you put the card in. It loaded up this menu on the screen and it listed a couple of names from the recent customers that withdrew money. I clicked the arrow down to “Jason Peterson” and typed in the box that said “Custom amount” $2,000. It then went to another screen saying “Please remove your card before money dispenses.” I removed the tool and out came Jasons 2 grand. I put it in my wallet and walked out to my car. I made sure to park in a parking lot that was decently empty with no cameras to catch my plate. I pulled out my phone and went to the Facebook marketplace. I was feeling a new laptop right about now so I started scrolling through. I found one that matched my needs and messaged the seller, “Hey, I am interested in your listing … could we meet today?” He replied back pretty quickly with, “Sure, let’s meet at the [redacted] Starbucks!” The laptop was listed for $250. I told him I would pay in cash and I would be there in 20 minutes. I went to the Starbucks and met with the guy selling it. He was a nice guy who told me he just upgraded so that’s why he was selling it. I asked him to turn it on to make sure it works, which it did. I handed him the cash and wished him well. I walked outside and got into my car. I pulled around to the drive-through and got myself a large coffee with extra cream and sugar. After I got my coffee I went home and got a call from my boss asking where I was today. I told him that I really didn’t feel like working today which he replied telling me to not come back tomorrow and I was finished working there. I had a pretty big smile on my face at this point because now my time would be devoted to ruining Jason’s life.
I poured myself a nice glass of whiskey to end off the night right. I mean this would be the perfect time to celebrate. I just got fired and have over 10 grand in my pocket. I don’t want to get ahead of myself yet. It has been a couple of days since I sent that money in escrow and if I don’t get my job done before the 2 weeks are over then someone else will do it for me. This was like a tiny challenge in the midst of the much bigger challenge. Look at this way. I want to take credit for ruining Jason’s life or all of my work will go to waste. I mean the dark web hacker isn’t watching Jason’s every move and reading him like I was. All he had to do was sit on his ass and type on a computer. In this day and age that’s all you need. Hell, that’s how I ruined Connor’s life. I told you from the beginning that I wanted to up my game. I had the proper funds now to really up my game. In the morning, I went to go to a local Walmart to pick up a few things. I wanted to make a homemade suppressor. I was looking at the prices on the dark web but, if I could save some money doing it, then why not right? So I looked up how to make a homemade suppressor and picked up the right supplies to make it. You need some PVC pipes, steel wool, a drill, and a few other things and you got yourself a suppressor. It didn’t take to long to make and it fits real snug on my .50 caliber sniper rifle. No, I wasn’t going to kill Jason because that would be too easy. I wanted to fuck with him a little longer before really getting down and dirty. Pull his strings like a puppet if you will. My plan was this. I would find a time where Jason was alone and I would call him. I would tell him if he wanted his money back that we would have to meet. I would specify that he and only him would come and if anyone else was to show that his funds would be long gone before he ever got there. I would then drug him with chloroform and take him to a secluded place where no one would find us. I would then tell him to give up all of the information on the people he works for or he and Kiley dies. I thought to introduce that I know Kiley that it would motivate him a little more. Just the strings in his life. If that didn’t work my plan would be to tell him that the police were raiding his house for child pornography which I downloaded on his computer. I would show him his files from my laptop remotely to prove it and if that didn’t work we would figure something else out.
I wanted to move forward with this as soon as possible. I grabbed my car keys and headed out the door. Today I wasn’t going to do anything with Jason. Today I needed to shop. While I was at Walmart this morning I grabbed some bleach and rubbing alcohol to produce the chemical chloroform which would make Jason unconscious. I also picked up some latex gloves for prints. I bought myself a burner phone at a gas station near my apartment too. Now that I have all of my supplies I headed over to a Starbucks. I ordered my usual large coffee with 4 ice cubes and 2 packets of sugar. I brought my new laptop with me and connected it to the free wifi. This laptop wouldn’t be coming home with me. I was going to use this laptop to connect me to Jason’s stock portfolio. After I hacked into it I would sell all of his stocks that were a part of any company he owned leaving him with nothing in return. Basically sweeping the owner's name tag out from under his feet. I would then corrupt the hard drive and throw the laptop in the dumpster. After this, it was time to burn everything he owned to the ground. I wanted to leave him and the people he worked for with nothing in return … absolutely nothing.
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ProTip Day 8 - Update on Dark Market Hack and Bitcoin Price Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020 Bitcoin VERY Dark Analysis - June 2020 Price Prediction & News Analysis Bitcoin Faucet: Extrabtc - 4 satoshis every 0 minutes (Faucetpay) BITCOIN PRICE 2019 - Market Maker and Trader Predicts Correction, Manipulation, TA, Altcoins

Raven Dark price today is $0.00059885 with a 24-hour trading volume of $7,459.73. XRD price is down -17.8% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 0 coins and a max supply of 210 Million coins. CITEX is the current most active market trading it. Online price monitoring, charts, price history for Physical bitcoin on Escape From Tarkov flea market Users are able to generate DARK through the process of mining. DarkCoin has a current supply of 13,061,360.901. The last known price of DarkCoin is $0.000670 USD. During the last seven days, the price of bitcoin has dropped 4.8% from a high of $9,700 on June 24, to a low of $8,965 on June 27. Since then the price has increased and the price per bitcoin is The European leaders agreed to pass a historic stimulus of €750 billion euros ($858 billion dollars). As the economy becomes increasingly unstable in the U.S. and in Europe, it appears more and

[index] [22346] [6000] [16725] [6344] [3473] [15214] [20989] [7983] [8794] [11199]

ProTip Day 8 - Update on Dark Market Hack and Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Live - OMG Rally - Tom Crown Tom Crown 267 watching Live now Witness To History: DarkMarket and the FBI Agent who Became Master Splyntr - Duration: 1:38:49. Topics: --- 00:01:58 Dogecar 00:02:50 Dark Market Prices 00:05:38 Darkcoin Prices 00:06:40 Crypto-currency Price Trends 00:09:23 MAIDSAFE and SafeCoin 00:12:10 Bitcoin and Black Markets 00:15:11 ... In this video, I perform technical analysis on the Bitcoin chart dating back to 2010, to predict the price of Bitcoin in 2020. This video is basing this prediction on technical analysis. Bitcoin VERY Dark Analysis - June 2020 Price Prediction & News Analysis - Duration: ... Bitcoin Price Dump, ... 54:55. February 23rd Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Alt Coin Market Update - Duration: 24:42. Bitcoin VERY Dark Analysis - June 2020 Price Prediction & News Analysis Krown's Crypto Cave ... Years as a Professional Market Maker Authorized Trader synthesized down into a 42 Module Road Map ...

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