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Dearest /r/bitcoin: YOU'RE BUMMING ME OUT

This subject has been weighing heavily on me lately, and I felt it just needs to be said:
It is time to SHIFT and SPREAD the wealth.
One of the more beautiful attributes about Bitcoin is the charitable nature of our community along with the speed and fluidity at which we are able to give on a global scale. And the past month’s rise in value has given all of us a greater ability to do good with what we have.
With this in mind, I would ask everyone here in /bitcoin to please consider spreading the wealth, much farther than to a group of homeless in Florida. This is by no means at all any disrespect towards Jason, as SeansOutpost has been the beacon of light for charitable efforts in the Bitcoin world. He has single-handedly proven to us all what an impact Bitcoin can make on people’s lives. Phraust and I were one of the very first to donate to his cause back in April and our 1 BTC provided 40 meals. We are very supportive of his efforts and it’s amazing how far we have all come since then.
However, there are so many more people in many parts of the world that desperately need our help and I would ask that you start exploring other charities and efforts that accept Bitcoin. I can’t help but be somewhat disappointed in the Bitcoin Black Friday Charity Drive to learn that the BitGive Foundation only received 3 BTC for their campaign to donate to Save the Children’s Typhoon Haiyan Relief Effort whereas Sean’s Outpost received more than 5x as much!
Come on people, let’s show the world how far our community’s heart and help can reach.
~I respectfully ask that the gentleman on ESPN, who received $26k in donations that has pledged to donate to Sean’s Outpost, to please spread the wealth.
~I also respectfully ask Theymos, who has pledged to donate 1000 BTC to Sean’s Outpost from the forum donations, to please spread the wealth.
~And I respectfully ask /bitcoin to please start spreading the wealth. Start reaching out to the organizations that already accept Bitcoin. And if there is a charity that you support that doesn’t currently accept BTC, start the campaign and let us follow your lead!
--Just a few Bitcoin accepting charities and organizations--
BitGive Foundation http://bitgivefoundation.org/donate.html
Bitcoin100 http://bitcoin100.org/about/donation-address/
Bitcoin Not Bombs http://www.bitcoinnotbombs.com/hoodie-the-homeless/
Electronic Frontier Foundation https://supporters.eff.org/donate
Foundation for Economic Education http://www.fee.org/donate/page/donate-bitcoins#axzz2mCVI7JpW
Khan Academy https://www.khanacademy.org/donate
LifeBoat Foundation https://lifeboat.com/ex/donations
PeaceGeeks http://peacegeeks.org/content/donate#by-bitcoin
Sean’s Outpost http://seansoutpost.com/donate/
ShireSharing http://shiresharing.org/
Songs of Love http://www.songsoflove.org/bitcoins/
Virtual Doctors http://www.virtualdoctors.org/the-vdp-now-accepts-donations-in-internet-currency-bitcoin-2/
--Some organizations that are actively collecting for Typhoon Haiyan relief--
Fr33Aid https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Donation-accepting_organizations_and_projects
BitMe https://bitme.com/donate
Cause Central http://www.cause-central.com/blog/2013/11/14/typhoon-haiyan-victims-in-the-philippines-learn-how-you-can-help
Typhoon Haiyan Fund (from BitcoinTalk thread) http://typhoonhaiyanrelieffund.org/
--Other Orgs that accept Bitcoin donations (from Bitcoin Wiki)--
Edit: People, I am not shaking my finger at everyone saying you SHOULD donate to a cause. I'm asking that IF you are planning on donating, please consider other worthy causes aside from the homeless in Florida. Find a cause that you really believe in and support it.
Also, a few more suggested charities to look into (thank you everyone):
Ludwig von Mises Institute https://mises.org/forms/104/Donate-Bitcoin-to-Mises-Institute
Group B Strep International http://www.groupbstrepinternational.org/you-can-help/make-a-donation/
http://coingiving.com/ and http://tip4commit.com/
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Cloudflare: the panopticon of the bitcoin economy.

In a community that prizes decentralization, I'm a bit surprised by the popularity of a single traffic-centralizing service.
A US government agency can, with a single warrantless and self-gagging National Security Letter to cloudflare, intercept the traffic of the following bitcoin exchanges: Mtgox, BTC-E, BitStamp, CampBX, Kapiton, BitMe, and probably others. NSLs are not the only instrument available, but at the moment they're the easiest to use and are subject to zero oversight.
These exchanges have surrendered their SSL keys to cloudflare. Think about that. A single wiretap at the cloudflare HQ can watch everything that goes in or out of the exchange, even under SSL encryption: which bank you wired funds to/from, which bitcoin addresses you used for deposit/withdrawal, who you sent codes to, etc, etc. Then there are the second-order possibilities: correlating activities across exchanges. And it's not just the exchanges: many of the other "big names" in bitcoin are cloudflare sites. Bit-pay, for one.
Granted, points of interface between the bitcoin economy and fiat economy are always going to be subject to some sort of oversight; we know that AML is unavoidable. But having the exchanges keep records is quite different from the authorities being able to effortlessly and unaccountably wiretap all of the exchanges with a single NSL to a single provider. That's too tempting not to abuse.
Am I paranoid or is anybody else concerned about this?
I also think the non-MtGox exchanges are overestimating the value of this DDOS protection, but I'll spell that out in a comment to avoid derailing the discussion.
(*) I know for sure that Kapiton and BitMe (edit: and MtGox) gave up their SSL keys. For the rest, if they haven't, they're "doing it wrong" and aren't getting DDOS protection on the most important part of their site. I find that pretty hard to believe, and if it's true maybe that's news in and of itself.
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03-11 20:02 - 'Here are some other places where you can start buying BTC with no fear/frustration: / [link] - P2P decentralized exchange, **strongly recommended** / [link] / [link] - ATM list / [link] / [link] - buy from local stores in...' by /u/Bitcoin-Yoda removed from /r/Bitcoin within 83-88min

Here are some other places where you can start buying BTC with no feafrustration: [link]1 - P2P decentralized exchange, strongly recommended [link]2 [link]3 - ATM list [link]4 [link]5 - buy from local stores in US [link]6 - US, integrated into Mycelium and Airbitz wallets [link]7 - P2P exchange [link]8 - buy BTC with coupons in gas stations (EU) [link]9 - pay easy with debit/credit cards and many other methods [link]10 [link]11 [link]12 [link]13 - cash or cards in almost all countries [link]14 - instant buy with cards and vouchers [link]15 - instant buy with cards and vouchers [link]16 - buy instant with debit, cash, flexepinin CA [link]17 - buy BTC or exchange BTC for cash to any ATM in EU [link]18 [link]19 - BTC with CC [link]20 [link]21 [link]22 - no registration [link]23 - nice mobile app to buy/sell BTC with cards [link]24 [link]25 - buy BTC with no account required, with cash to ATMs in EU [link]26 [link]27 - buy with cards in India [link]28 - nice app to buy in India [link]29 - buy BTC in India [link]30 [link]31 [link]32 [link]33 - buy in AUS with cash, ATM [link]34 - trade BTC in AUS [link]35 [link]36 [link]37 [link]38 [link]39 [link]40 [link]41 [link]42 [link]43 [link]44 [link]45 [link]38 If still is not enough check here more [link]47 [link]48 [link]49 [link]50 [link]51 Another useful tools: [link]52 [link]53 - buy BTC, receive wages, pay bills - EU [link]54 - pay bills - EU [link]55 - pay bills - EU [link]56 - buy BTC, receive wages, pay bills - EU, maybe CA, US, MEX [link]57 - EU [link]58 - pay bills in US [link]59 - pay bills in US [link]60 - pay bills - CA [link]61 - pay bills, get wages - AUS [link]62 - pay bills AUS [link]63 - pay bills, receive wages, recharge phones credit - PH [link]64 - pay bills etc - PH [link]65 - pay bills Thailand - TH [link]66 - AUS [link]67 - international Instant exchanges/shapeshifting [link]68 [link]69 [link]70
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Author: Bitcoin-Yoda
1: bits*u**e.io 2: l*calbit**in*.com* 3: coinatmrad*r*c**/ 4: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.coinatmradar.android&hl=en 5: li*er*yx.c*m/ 6: www.glide****o/ 7: w**.**tcoin.de 8: w**.b*tins.*et/ 9: ww*.24*e**han*e.com/ 10: wallof**ins*co* 11: w*w.kra*e*.co*/ 12: C*i*mat*.io 13: *ww*coinmama.*om* 14: mybtc**a/ 15: bi*it.gif** 16: q*ic*b*.com/ 17: **t2me.com* 18: any*oi**irect.*u/ 19: xco*n**io/ 20: bi**nic*nl 21: bi*bay.**t/ 22: www.*e**ac*in.com 23: ch*p-ch*p.*om* 24: ww***ul*is*gna.com/ 25: ww*.*itb*at.n*t/ 26: w*w.coi*imal*com* 27: www.*uyuco**.*om/ 28: *w*.zebpa*.*om/ 29: *oinsecur*.**/ 30: n*ns*op*oin.c*m/ 31: yabit.c***ve/ 32: ww*.bitm***ney.c*m/ 33: *ww.bitr*cke*.co* 34: w**.ind*pen**ntr*serve.*om/ 35: *it*rex.co*/ 36: **bits.*om/ 37: sa**l*o.com/ 38: *ww.c*ini*y*com/ 39: btcdire**.e* 40: www*h*ppy*oins**om 41: ww*.*itpand**com/ 42: coinfi*i*y.c** 43: coin**tion*com* 44: *ryp*o*ay.me/ 45: *ity.co*/ 46: ww*.c*i*ify*com/ 47: en.*i*c*in.i*/wiki/How_**_*uy_Bitc**ns_*ith_Y**r*Cr*dit_Car* 48: www*buyb**co*nw*rldwide.*o* 49: www*bit**mp*r*.de/ 50: www.bes*bitc**nex*ha*g**io/ 51: how***uyb*tc*ins.info* 52: b*tw*ge.c*m 53: cashi*a.c** 54: pi*xpay.**m 55: *i*bill*eu 56: bi*wa*la 57: pe*.*e 58: c*i*b*ll*.com/ 59: co*nsfer.c*m* 60: byl**.com 61: www**etpai*inbitcoi****m.au/ 62: w*w.b**coinb**d*e.com/en 63: *oi*s.ph 64: *ww.re*it*ph/ 65: c*in*.c*.th 66: ww*.*ivingroo**fsato***.com 67: www*hy*h*n.*o/ 68: sh*pesh*ft.*o 69: Blo*k*rad*s.u* 70: *ha**elly.*om/
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