1 BTC to CAD - Exchange - How much Canadian Dollar (CAD

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[Question][Newbie] What is the best way to exchange Bitcoin to CAD and transfer it to an RBC bank account?

Hi all,
I am new to the cryptocurrency world. I am wondering what would be the best way to exchange Bitcoin to CAD and had it transferred to an RBC bank account?
So, for example, if using an exchange company, I am looking for ones with the least exchange fee and bank/processing fee combined.
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What’s best way/place to withdraw my bitcoins to cad today?

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Convert bitcoin to cad how to sell cryptocurrency in canada

Get to know real value 1 bitcoin to Canadian dollars and also how to sell cryptocurrency in vancouver montreal toroto convert bitcoin to cad 1 btc to cad
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FastBTC- Making things faster for the exchange of Bitcoin to CAD for Canadian people

FastBTC- Making things faster for the exchange of Bitcoin to CAD for Canadian people

Introduction to FastBTC
After 2009(invention of blockchain & Bitcoin) ,many cryptocurrencies we noticed and slowly it turned out to be an ecosystem where it offered various use cases and market opportunities. But I think if the mass adoption has to happen then at least the leading coin like Bitcoin should be able to have a direct gateway with the fiat or local currency. That will make the things easy for non-crypto people and they may get interested and if buying or selling of Bitcoin with fiat money will be easy then we can see more mass adoption of bitcoin in future. So exchange always play a crucial role in mass adoption. How smooth and simple the exchange process is, marks a significant impact on the user.
FastBTC always makes the exchange experience simple. It is simple to the extent that it does not even require any registration, does not require a login to be able to exchange Bitcoin to local currency. It offers the service for Canadian people and it has brand product called interac e-Transfer using which the Canadian people can sell their Bitcoins for CAD.
With just an email address they can make this happen through fastbtc.ca.
Getting Started
  1. Go to FastBTC
  2. Enter your email for receiving Interac withdrawal
  3. Click "Sell Bitcoins!"
  4. Deposit your Bitcoin to the generated bitcoin address. (Alternatively go through ShapeShift or Changelly for altcoins)
  5. Your Interac e-Transfer will arrive shortly with your requested funds to your e-mail address!

  • Simple & User friendly
  • No registration, no login required
  • With just an email one can exchange Bitcoin for CAD.
  • Support is available most of the time.
There are many types of exchanges in crypto market. While some of them offers crypto to crypto, others offer crypto to fiat and some offers both. But in my opinion crypto to fiat is crucial as in some of the countries it could be a regulatory obligation. So from a user's perspective the exchange of crypto to fiat is more important. FastBTC by offering such a simple and easy exchange service for the people of Canada is something which can further encourage many people to adopt crypto and be a part of this ecosystem.
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Converting Bitcoin to CAD

Are there an crypto investors out there that have tried to bring CAD money from a digital exchange back to a Canadian bank? How is it done? Is it a pain? Does it take a long time? Ive heard you have to pay 30% in taxes...
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Is my capital gains tax calculation correct regarding withdrawal of bitcoin to CAD?

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Where can I exchange Bitcoin to CAD and withdraw those funds?

I live in Canada. I have BTC, ETH, IOTA, BAT, QTUM, LTC, and a few others. I have been very successful in purchasing and growing my collection (well the alts, not so much growing... but you know..)
What is the best site/platform to sell coins for canadian legal tender?
Thanks :D
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Best Way to withdraw bitcoin to CAD /r/Bitcoin

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Best way to convert bitcoin to CAD in Canada

I have a friend traveling back home to Canada with some bitcoin who would need to convert it to CAD and have it put into her bank account asap once she arrives. I recommended cavirtex but I have done some searches and it seems loads of people have had their money frozen, or some say its a scam site. She does not really want to go the localbitcoins route, do you have any recommendations for a website that will make this an easy process? Do any of the ATMs in Canada convert bitcoin to cash?
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: PSA for you canadian Forex investors: you can trade USD to Bitcoin to CAD and get the 0.80:1 exchange rate practically feeless 🇨🇦 /r/canada

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Taxes for bitcoin in sats value to CAD

I am having troubles understanding taxes for cryptocurrency. Now I bought bitcoin and I only do trades in sats value and try to gain more bitcoin, I don't trade based on CAD/USD value. Also I have never withdrew any bitcoin to CAD, never paid anything with bitcoin, its just sitting in the exchanges.
First question:
I started with 10$
1$ = 1000 sats
2$ = 2000 sats
I bought 10 coins of one altcoin for 1$ - 1,000 sats each = 10$ - 10,000 sats
I sold 10 coins of the same altcoin for 2$ - 2,000 sats each = 20$ - 20,000 sats
I now own 20$ - 20,000 sats – doubled my dollar and bitcoin investment
I have to pay 10$ in taxes because of my profits.
I bought 20 coins for the same altcoin when it dipped back to 1$ - 1,000 sats each = 20$ - 20,000 sats
I now own double the coins I started with, and now I’m holding!
Sadly bitcoin crashed, to half its value when I started, and I still hold 20 coins that still are 1,000 sats each
1$ = 2000 sats
2$ = 4000 sats
Now my investment at end of the year is worth $10 but my BTC investment has doubled to 20,000 sats. So I technically took a loss of 10$ and I sold it and now I own 10$ again.
Now assume all the numbers above are x10000 so 10$ starting investment is actually 100,000$ and my final investment is 100,000$ and I paid 100,000$ in taxes because of my CAD profits when I went x2, and now I lost an absurd amount of money at end of the year because bitcoin went half in value and now I have 100,000$, but I decided to be good and pay my taxes on my 100,000$ from my personal bank account and not my actual investment money (left it in bitcoin exchange). I just kept the above math simple low numbers for doing easy math.
What now? Anyone else sees how absurd this is, the whole problem would be solved in a heartbeat if I had to pay taxes only on my bitcoin profits (gained more bitcoin) and I send them the physical bitcoin tax on the profits, not CAD value.
Second Question:
Let's say I trade a lot, every day I make around 10 trades and that results in 20-500$ profit on the day of the trade. Ultimately its like above where I kept the altcoin to "accumulate" more coins of bitcoin/alt. Now because of those trades I now own a sizable profit bag of more BTC / altcoins, but I have to pay my taxes on the realized gains on CAD. Problem is since those days, the $ value of the coin has dropped by -90% in CAD value because of bitcoin has crashed, and the altcoin also crashed in value, but I got way more coins. Now my bag in $ value is only worth 500$ total, and I had many months where I made 20-500$ in CAD everyday but I kept it in bitcoin / altcoin and I gotta pay my taxes in profits of the time of trade in CAD, and I don't have that money in my bank account to pay it based on my transaction history, and obviously my investment can't pay for that either.
This is also absurd and would be solved instantly if I sent them my tax on the gains of the altcoin or bitcoin not in CAD.
Third Question:
I put in 1000$ for 1 BTC, I did really well doing the above things and now I own 10BTC and because everything skyrocketed in value it's now worth 100,000$. I'm a student with 1000$ to my name, and I don't want to pull out my BTC as the fees would be absurd. I also would have to pay taxes in CAD because of my history and even though they say it could be like 30% of profits in taxes, in bitcoin terms it could actually mean losing 80% of your money and I only got 1000$ my name...what now, I gotta pay taxes on 100,000$.
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We've just announced Liquid (a Bitcoin sidechain) asset support for Ledger Nano S devices! Use Blockstream Green and a Ledger to store L-BTC, USDT, L-CAD, BTSE, and other Liquid assets securely.

We've just announced Liquid (a Bitcoin sidechain) asset support for Ledger Nano S devices! Use Blockstream Green and a Ledger to store L-BTC, USDT, L-CAD, BTSE, and other Liquid assets securely. submitted by blockstream_official to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Help! Using BTC to Exchange CAD-USD as Bitcoin Noob, Safely, and Without Large Fees. Fianceé Stuck in Venezuela With No Options

Hope this is the right subreddit for this, Title says it all, anyone willing to help me figure out which options there are for doing this is hugely appreciated!!! Am in a complex situation and extremely concerned for my Venezuelan fiancée whom I met at University but had to return to home country recently and is now stuck. As borders close from COVID-19, political tensions rise, along with hyperinflation, it looks like I will have to be exchanging currrency often. Banks and direct transfer aren't really an option, fees are massive (>=5%) if it is even a possibility, PayPal is similar and I am morally against using these institutions.
As someone with little experience, and only a theoretical knowledge of crypto currency, I wouldn't know how to start. I am hugely interested in using decentralized currency along with the Freedom from financial institutions getting away with whatever they want. I really would greatly appreciate learning what options exist that are safe and allow me to have control over my own Bitcoin wallet where I am not putting myself at a huge privacy or scam risk, as I know there are so many shady exchanges out there. I have a powerful PC,(i7 9700k, RTX 2080ti, 32GB DDR4, 1TB M.2 SSD, 6TB HDD) running Windows 10, and just installed Debian. Also have rooted OnePlus 7 Pro running Android Q beta. Thanks for reading and any knowledge shared in advance!
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We've just announced Liquid (a Bitcoin sidechain) asset support for Ledger Nano S devices! Use Blockstream Green and a Ledger to store L-BTC, USDT, L-CAD, BTSE, and other Liquid assets securely.

We've just announced Liquid (a Bitcoin sidechain) asset support for Ledger Nano S devices! Use Blockstream Green and a Ledger to store L-BTC, USDT, L-CAD, BTSE, and other Liquid assets securely. submitted by Fiach_Dubh to BitcoinCA [link] [comments]

New to Bitcoin - USD/CAD Conversion?

Hi, I'm new to Bitcoin, and thought I had this figured out but guess not. I created an account on Coinbase. Bought something from someone for $40, their currency is USD, I am CAD. I even asked seller, that I don't need to worry about different currencies with bitcoin, and he said yes, and accepted payment, no issue. So my undestanding was you convert to your currency when you withdrawl...
Now I'm buying something from another person, sent by Bitcoin, but now they are saying they can see the transaction and it is showing as CAD.
So how does this work, as the buyer, do I have to figure out what USD to CAD is myself, and then buy and send that amount in bitcoin? EX: 100 usd = 120 CAD. I have to buy and send 120?
I can't seem to find any info to confirm. On coinbase, when I try to send money, I can only pick between $ and BTC.
Thank you
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Transfer bitcoin to canadian bank account - sell btc for CAD

We are cryptocurrency customer support center in Vancouver helping people to sell btc for CAD urgent cash transfer bitcoin to canadian bank account
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EY tasked by CAD govt to recover bitcoin, ended up losing ~$1.03M of Bitcoin.

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Best exchange to sell bitcoin in canada - Get instant CAD

Guaranteed best rate best exchange to sell bitcoins in canada with multiple payment options like western union paypal payoneer perfect money get instant CAD
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0.11 btc to cad current bitcoin exchange rate in canada

When to buy cryptocurrency and sell 0.11 btc to cad collect cash in hand bank deposit or paypal transfer we work on current bitcoin exchange rate in canada
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1 btc to cad - bitcoin mining power consumption calculator

Have offices in ottawa calgary edmonton cities to exchange 1 btc to cad best ever company dealing cryptocurrency bitcoin mining power consumption calculator
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Although it is no more news that cryptocurrencies are very important in our generation. This is because they are the best means of payment for goods and services between people from different countries and of different currencies. Moreover, cryptocurrencies are good means of storing value for future use. However, in cryptocurrency word, bitcoin is a distinct cryptocurrency which possesses outstanding worth, which consequently cause substantial amount of cryptocurrency users to create interest in bitcoin over every other cryptocurrencies.
Even though huge amount of people use bitcoin, however, the exchange of bitcoin to local currencies is the ubiquitous problem most bitcoin user face, which usually discourage inexperienced cryptocurrency users from the use of cryptocurrency.
In order to make the exchange of bitcoin as easy as possible in Canada, a project named [FastBTC](www.fastbtc.ca) came on board. Just as her name implies, [FastBTC](www.fastbtc.ca) is a cryptocurrency exchange platform which is centered on the exchange of bitcoin to CAD. Therefore, [FastBTC](www.fastbtc.ca) crates an ample opportunity for every Canadian to exchange bitcoin to CAD with ease.
OUTSTANDING FUTURES OF [FastBTC](www.fastbtc.ca) If I am to put all the features of [FastBTC](www.fastbtc.ca) to writing, I will write until I am tired of writing. But to cut the story short, here are few of the amazing futures embedded in [FastBTC](www.fastbtc.ca) which makes it a better bitcoin exchange platform: * No signup is required: unlike other cryptocurrency exchange platforms which demands for signup, and it usually cost their users 10 to 30 minutes of their time, before the completion of the signup processes. But in order to save time, [FastBTC](www.fastbtc.ca) did not require signup before it’s users can exchange their cryptocurrency. * Single confirmation payment: the confirmation of payment in [FastBTC](www.fastbtc.ca) is always once. And it is always done with real time transaction speed. * Real time withdrawal speed: every transaction on [FastBTC](www.fastbtc.ca) is as fast as real life transaction, hence, [FastBTC](www.fastbtc.ca) offers her users the opportunity to withdraw bitcoin within a twinkle of an eye. * Active costumer support: even though [FastBTC](www.fastbtc.ca) possesses simple exchange interface, nevertheless [FastBTC](www.fastbtc.ca) possesses standby customer support service to help her users whenever they need help. * and lot more.
HOW TO USE [FASTBTC](WWW.FASTBTC.CA). * Visit www.fastbtc.ca * Enter your gmail for receiving interact withdrawal. * Click on sell bitcoin. * Deposit your bitcoin to the generated bitcoin address. * Then, your interact e-transfer with your fund will arrive shortly to your e-mail address.
Seeing is believing, why not give [FastBTC](www.fastbtc.ca) a trial; in order to know what it means to be a user of an outstanding cryptocurrency exchange platform?
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Among many of the challenges which inhibit the adoption of cryptocurrencies, a good amount of them center around the crypto-exchanges. Many of the exchanges claim to care for security yet have been hacked time and again. The latest news of one of the most popular exchanges being hacked of 7,000 Bitcoins valued at USD 40 million is an indicator of what I mean. Also, few others are too shoddy to trust with our personal information and yet they want to act as custodian of our cryptocurrencies. And even if we find the few that tick all the boxes, we invariably end up with having to deal with cumbersome processes before we can carry out a trade.

Just when traders and potential investors attempted to overlook these issues, there were more issues introduced in the form of country-wise regulations. The overall experience, therefore, appears insurmountable for a potential investor who just wants to try out an exchange. This experience is more so for developed economies where the government attempts to safeguard investors, and rightly so.

The search then shifts to finding an exchange which is easy to use, no-fuss, trader-friendly, and has an intuitive trader (or investor) interface. Looking at the current challenges, finding such an exchange sounds very much utopian.
But there is hope.


[FastBTC]1 – A new way Forward!

FastBTC is the hope for cryptocurrency investors in Canada. Investors worried about exchanging their crypto-currencies first to US Dollars and then into Canadian Dollars, can now have a breezy experience of converting cryptocurrencies directly into Canadian Dollars (CAD).

FastBTC, as the name indicates, is a lightning-fast converter of Bitcoin to Canadian Dollars. So easy is the process that users and traders do not have to wait endlessly to know what has happened to their cryptocurrencies. The process is easy to follow, and the site is user-friendly.

Despite the speed, FastBTC is one secure gateway and quite interestingly claims to be specializing in speed. I mean, isn’t that an interesting parameter that an exchange is focusing on? And the claims are not unsubstantiated. FastBTC has a flagship product Interac e-Transfer which is blisteringly fast and requires no login.

And they have an on-website chat session allowing users to have their queries resolved. So, good customers service is one more tick for FastBTC.


How do we get started on FastBTC?

FastBTC site is quite intuitive for an easy and fast exchange. FastBTC has been serving Canadian customers for about eighteen months now and going strong. They continue to improve their services and bring the best to their customers. The proof of their service is in the website design. What are they, you ask?
Here they are:
  1. No Signup Requirement – Users of FastBTC do not have to signup to use the site. They can just get to the site and get started.
  2. Single Confirmation Payments – Makes life easy for the user
  3. Bitcoin to CAD Conversion – Users can send Bitcoin to the generated address and get superfast withdrawal in Canadian Dollars
  4. Altcoin to CAD Conversion – Users can also exchange Altcoin and withdraw in Canadian Dollars
If these are not interesting enough, then FastBTC also has a referral program allowing users to benefit, additionally. However, to participate in the referral program, users will have to register on the site. On the other hand, if users do not wish to use the referral program, they can do away with the registration.


That’s cool! But what about..

Chances are there that readers still have queries and the most obvious ones are listed below:

  1. If I don’t have to signup then why do I have to give my email id?
The email id is required only to generate the Bitcoin address and for FastBTC to know where to send your e-Transfer.


  1. How much time does it take to get my e-Transfer?
It takes 30 minutes to get your e-Transfer from the initiation of the transaction.


  1. Why did I not get my e-Transfer even after 30 minutes?
If the transfer amount is below the instant maximum, then the e-Transfer will arrive 30 minutes from the confirmation of the transaction.
On the other hand, if the transfer amount is above the instant maximum, then the transfer is queued and will be sent when the limits allow.

  1. Are there fees to be paid for the transactions?
Yes, there are and in many cases will be addressed in the rates for the trade type. However, at times, the fees will be charged per transaction. In such cases, the fees will be shown on each trade page.
Here is a snapshot

Type Sell Buy
Interac e-Transfer 4.00 CAD No Additional Fee
Cash Deposit No Additional Fee -
Western Union Western Union Fee deducted from Payment No Additional Fee
Cash by Mail $25 for Xpresspost, $60 for Priority No Additional Fee
Interac Online - No Additional Fee
Credit Card - No Additional Fee

For more questions, users can browse through FastBTCs Support Page, and also chat with their customer service executives during work hours.



A quick assessment of the FastBTC site proves that it is fast, dependable, user-friendly and easy to use. There are reasons for Canadians to cheer the exchange, and there is only hope that the exchange will expand to other regions in the future.
At a time, when speed is of the essence, FastBTC comes along with the right ingredients to make a cryptocurrency transaction fast!

Image Courtesy: FastBTC Resources
FastBTC – The Fastest Canadian Bitcoin and Altcoin Withdrawal Gateway
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Placing a IOC Order (Buy) CAD to BTC Placing a Market Order (Sell) BTC to CAD HOW TO SELL BTC FOR CAD ON COINSQUARE PT2 Placing a Trailing Stop Market Order BTC to CAD Coinsquare Tutorial  Best Canadian Crypto Exchange 2020  Convert BTC to CAD Fiat

How much Bitcoin is 7200 CAD? Check the latest Bitcoin (BTC) price in Canadian Dollar (CAD)! Exchange Rate by Walletinvestor.com Convert 1 Bitcoin to Canadian Dollar. Get live exchange rates, historical rates & charts for XBT to CAD with XE's free currency calculator. Bitcoin - Canadian Dollar Chart (BTC/CAD) Conversion rate for Bitcoin to CAD for today is CA$12,957.34. It has a current circulating supply of 18.4 Million coins and a total volume exchanged of CA$48,736,110,388 BTC [Bitcoin] CAD [Canadian Dollar] 0.01 Bitcoin = 126.307000 Canadian Dollar: 0.1 Bitcoin = 1263.070 Canadian Dollar: 1 Bitcoin = 12630.70 Canadian Dollar: 2 Bitcoin = 25261.40 Canadian Dollar: 3 Bitcoin = 37892.10 Canadian Dollar: 5 Bitcoin = 63153.50 Canadian Dollar: 10 Bitcoin = 126307 Canadian Dollar: 20 Bitcoin = 252614 Canadian Dollar Using the Bitcoin Calculator is the best way to quickly check the latest Bitcoin price in CAD on the leading global Bitcoin exchanges. Use the Bitcoin price table below to have a clear overview so you can quickly check and compare the current Bitcoin prices on the leading global exchanges, such as Binance, Coinbase, and CEX.io.

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Placing a IOC Order (Buy) CAD to BTC

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